Thursday, February 4, 2016

Turntable Tour!

Tribute to Rap History Biel/Bienne - 1994 by T-Bird on Mixcloud

Today is the first part of my Swiss "Turntable Tour." 3 nights, 2 cities: Biel/Bienne (Thursday) & Basel (Friday/Saturday.)

The mix above is to commemorate an event I went to many years ago in Biel called "Rap History." Each event would be themed around a certain year and the music would all be from then.  I always liked the idea and wanted to play one. Unfortunately, they have ended and now they only exist as an idea and organization...

Tonight I'll be playing the place where it all started for me in Switzerland, Pooc. Tomorrow will be my traditional Friday at Grenzwert (2nd venue I ever played in this country) and Saturday will break new ground at Cafe Singer, a venue new to both me and Basel!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Aural Voyages...

A while ago I was at someone's home and heard a mix of hiphop, latin and some other music that had a New York vibe to me.  As it turns out, the music was from the soundtrack to the film Chef, which takes place not in NYC, but Los Angeles, Miami and along the road connecting the two cities (notable stop in New Orleans.)  An explanation of why I sensed New York when I heard the music might be that the film's star & producer, Jon Favreau, is from Flushing, Queens (NYC.)   Anyway, I was determined to make a mix that captured at least part of the New York "vibe" I heard. This mix is a bit more DJ-oriented than the music from the film, but I think that's it is no less NYC.
This mix is the first of a series of city-themed mixes.

I'll be getting some inspiration soon from my upcoming trip to Switzerland. Thursday, 4 February I return to the first venue I ever played in Switzerland, Biel/Bienne's Pooc.  Friday the 5th I play my second Swiss venue, Grenzwert in Basel.  My debut at Cafe Singer is Saturday (February 6) and I'm really looking forward to it!

By the way, I saw the film and recommend it.  It's good experience of two of my favorite things, food & music!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Year & Tributes (Something Else! Radio 1/18/16)

New Year & Tributes - Something Else! Radio by on

This new show is kind of mixed, emotionally speaking.  Welcoming a new year is generally a happy thing and that is celebrated with some new music.  Like most tales with multiple characters, some didn't make it to the next chapter or exited the story soon after new events. We bid farewell to 3 long-time music artists who cast long shadows: Wilton Felder, saxophonist/bassist of The (Jazz) Crusaders and important session musicianNatalie Cole, daughter of Nat "King" Cole, renown singer/songwriter in her own right; and finally actor/musician/icon David Bowie.  On the new music tip there are tracks by Michael Franti, Makala Jazz Funk Band and Clown Dallas featuring Miranda Nicole.  A full track list is below.
  1. Something Else! Intro
  2. Nommo - The Majick Song - Gary Bartz Ntu Troop I've Known Rivers And Other Bodies
  3. A Message From The Inner City - Crusaders The 2nd Crusade
  4. Life On Mars - Caecilie Norby Reprise! When Jazz Meets Pop
  5. La Costa - Natalie Cole Capitol Rare 2: Funky Notes from the West Coast<
  6. When Sly Calls (Don't Touch That Phone) - Michael Franks Passionfruit
  7. Once A Day (Supa Dups Mix) - Michael Franti & Spearhead Once A Day Remixes (f/Sonna Rele & Supa Dups)
  8. Do You Want To Rock (Before I Let Go) - Funky 4+1 Do You Want To Rock
  9. Fashion - David Bowie Changesbowie
  10. Hector (The Cisco Kids Remix) - Makala Jazz Funk Band Xake! Remixed Vol 1
  11. Raw - Big Daddy Kane Raw/Word To The Mother (Land)
  12. Love Encore (Main Mix) - Clown Dallas ft Miranda Nicole Dynasty Apartment 1
  13. Tell Me All About It - Natalie Cole Danny Krivit In The House Pt. 3
  14. U.N.I.T.Y. - Queen Latifah U.N.I.T.Y.
Lately, I've been revisiting classic hiphop tracks and giving them the T-Bird touch.  The latest is Queen Latifah's song about mutual respect from the 90s, "U.N.I.T.Y." which you can listen to below.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Lost Show (Something Else! Radio 12-7-15)

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but this show was mixed about a week ago and then disappeared from my hard drive. I reconstructed it so I could upload it and share it with you here.

  1. Protection (The Eno Mix) - Massive Attack
  2. People Make The World Go Round - Freddie Hubbard
  3. The 'Notic (ft. D'Angelo) - The Roots
  4. I Adore You (Dance Hall Version) - Caron Wheeler
  5. Plekete (Album Version) - Zap Mama
  6. Be There In the Morning - Renee Geyer
  7. She's Knocking At My Door - Johnny Rocco Band
  8. Featherbed Lane - Hiromasa Sato
  9. El O'man Boogaloo (Original Mix) - Omegaman
  10. Let It Go - Latinaotearoa
  11. Too Much - Art Of Tones
  12. Lovin Me (Brett Adams Remix) - Burns and Houlihan
  13. The Girl (Swell Session Vs Jimpster Featuring Elsa Esmeralda) - Swell Session

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ride On (Something Else! 11-10-2015)

Ride On (Something Else!) by on

It's a new Something Else! Radio show! The usual mix of classic and new tracks, plus a mini-tribute to Allen Toussaint, Don of the New Orleans music scene who recently passed away in Madrid, Spain while on a European tour.  New tracks include a Sumsuch remix of Aiby & The Noise on his label Colour & Pitch (available for purchase here,)  Baltimore's NowChild on Jett Music from Los Angeles (get the release here,) St. Germain from his new self-titled album, St. Germain and Demarkus Lewis from The Many Facets of... on Guesthouse Music.

Starting my new years resolution early...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Black Feeling 3 -- Feeling Good!!

So the other day I did a DJ mix as promotion for a compilation on Freestyle Records that I'm excited about, Black Feeling Vol. 3.  It's out now, so go buy it!

If you know the Australian group The Bamboos, you're gonna love it--Lance Ferguson (aka Lanu) is behind it and it's up to his usual quality (i.e., excellent!)  As it's the third in the series, I thought it would be good to get people interested in the other two volumes as well, so the mix draws from all three of them.

Listen below, share freely and then buy the music!  JunoDownload even made a list of the tunes I played on the mix so you can buy all of them and know which album they are from.

Black Feeling 3 Mix by T-Bird by Freestyle Records on Mixcloud

Thursday, May 21, 2015

You Ain't Hip! (Tunes, gigs & stuff...)


As some of you know, I've been playing sessions at Dos Trece Restaurant & Bar in Barcelona's Raval neighborhood.  I'm back there this weekend for a Brunch Session 13hr-17hr (last time I did a Saturday night.)  Great food & drink + decent music... 

You're probably also aware that I make, edit and otherwise tweak music... Above is a newly re-tweaked piece of music.  I'd worked on this before, but after some comments and playing it out on gigs I went back and made some more tweaks: EQ, mixing, mastering and such...

Contemplation #2 by T-Bird on Mixcloud

C/ Reina 16, Madrid by T-Bird on Mixcloud

Macarena Mix Partt 1 by T-Bird on Mixcloud

Not one or two, but three mixes to share from Mixcloud! 

The first is the 2nd part of a mix I did for photographer Jutta Pfannenschmidt.  She had a showing of her work in Barcelona (Part 1) and then moved the show to Madrid.  This show is about everyday beauty we miss purely because we are in a hurry and don't spend enough time actually noticing our environment and is called "¡No corras contemporáneo, contempla!"

The second mix is for a bar that I visited the last time I was in Madrid.  I think that it is important not only to play good music, but to play music that sounds good in the space you're playing.  With that in mind, I made this mix of music I though would sound good in Bar Cock.  It's an old-fashioned, classy bar near Gran Via.

The third mix is another "partial set."  It is a recreation of the first part of the set I played in Macarena MicroClub in Barcelona.  It's not 100% faithful as I have swapped out at least one track, let's say it's 95% faithful...  I will be back there Friday 29 May with Teysel for an EUN Records  label showcase featuring Prompter from Germany.  More info can be found on Facebook and Resident Advisor.

Now you are clued-in and fully hip, daddy/mommy-o!