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Friday, March 27, 2015

Look Out Weekend Here We Come...

Last weekend was great and we're getting ready to do it AGAIN...  This time we start out in Sitges on Friday at an exhibition of work by photographer & painter extraordinaire, Pepe Pujol Carabantes (aka Joe Tookit!) The venue is El Sotano de Mamá (c/ Sant Pere 28) and the event is called "el dibujo al servicio de la fotografia" Many of the nicest photos of me in recent years have been taken by Pepe, so I'm very happy to be part of his exhibition!  It starts at 8pm and goes till they kick us out (3am at the latest...)

Saturday I return to Dos Trece (c/ Carme 40 at Dr. Dou, in the Raval) for the Brunch Sessions!  If you haven't been, the food is really great--I eat it myself!  You can have a proper lunch, choose USA-style brunch (with real pancakes, not crepes masquerading as such) and there are even vegan options.  As for the music, an archived set is above for your listening pleasure...  Every Saturday from 1pm-5pm!

Although many folks know Los Chicos Altos for our global-bass stylings, we make all kinds of music...  Evidence is submitted above via a "House Tracks" playlist on Soundcloud--including two new remixes, Hiloco NeroDoll's "Come On" and Shinichi Osawa's "Frosted Tips" given the LCA touch...

Wrapping up, I should mention that one of them ("Come On") got played during my set at Macarena last Saturday!  ...I had a great time and the room seemed to enjoy my style!  Looking forward to the next time and huge thanks to Teysel!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Heavy Weekend!!

Like Busta Rhymes w/A Tribe Called Quest, I'm sayin' "Oh my God, yes OMG..."  My weekend starts off with the one & only Mr."Hit Me Fred" Wesley on Friday at Marula Cafe Barcelona!  This guy is all sorts of music legend--Count Basie, Ike & Tina Turner, Parliament-Funkadelic and most famously, James Brown are some of the people he's worked with.  The night is a tribute to Jimmy Smith, jazz organist extraordinaire and the trio consists of Fred on trombone, Leonardo Corradi on organ (Hammond B3--Jimmy's signature instrument) and Tony Match on drums.

I'm headed to the next neighborhood over where my favorite jazz bar is, Guzzo!

Nickodemus is in town again!  Looks like he's got another record out...  This event at Guzzo is one of his stops on the world tour in support of the new album. WONDERWORLD Official digital, CD, cassette release is available at

Saturday there's no letting up...  Brunch Session at Dos Trece from 1-5pm and then  later that night...

I have wanted to play Macarena Club since the first time I set foot in there several years ago!  I was with my friend (and former boss) DJ DePaco to see Freerange label head, Jimpster.  It's considered a "micro-club" and the name is appropriate as I can't imagine more than 100 fitting in there.  However, the sound is amazing. It's gonna be a night of music ranging from deep house to techno and I am really looking forward to opening up (12 midnight - 2am) for headliners Teysel (EUN Records) and Playane (CatsLoveBass.) Facebook event here.

Come out, dance, eat or just say "Hello!"  But don't call me on Sunday, I'll be out of comission...

P.S. Check out the review I wrote for Vursatyl's (Lifesavas) "Super" on You and the Music...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Area Codes, DJ Legends, Tall Guys & Breaking Sundays!

Dos Trece Brunch again!  c/ Carme 40 (at Dr. Dou) in the Raval -- 5 min walk off Barcelona's Ramblas.  Great food & drink--I go there sometimes even when I'm not working!  If you can't make it, you can listen live here: (1pm-5pm UTC+1) 

A few hours after my session at Dos Trece, I'll be headed to another place I go when I'm not working--GuzzoLondon Connection features one of my DJ heroes, Patrick Forge (Cosmic Jam/Da Lata,) will be laying down sounds along with local talent, DJ Millie, Le Marquis & Fred Guzzo.  BONUS: 10pm LIVE acoustic set by Zoé Renié Harris.  Plaza Comercial, 10, 08003 Barcelona 9pm - 3.30am FREE ENTRY.

The next day, I will be performing in Sitges for Breaking Sundays at La Cava Club.  Electric Blue (bassist Juanlu of Calima/Ojos de Brujo and vocalist Ramon Mirabet) have invited me to DJ with them for their weekly jam session.  Lately, there have been percussionists, guitarists & other musicians sitting in to bring more flavor to the stew...  Carrer Àngel Vidal 17-23, Sitges Sunday 9pm - 11:30pm -- Free Entry.

Finally, some new music from Los Chicos Altos ("The Tall Guys" for the non-Spanish speakers.)  Maxey has been busy down in Peru conjuring magical sounds along with local talent.  Hear for yourself! Festejo Dubs vol. 3: Cusco Special. Andean flutes vs. house beats!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Brunch in the 213 and more...

Back at Dos Trece (213 for the non-Spanish speakers) for Brunch Sessions!  I've now got a Saturday afternoon residency at this popular Barcelona restaurant/bar in the Raval.  The owners are Abraham & Gabriel Figueroa, two brothers from East L.A. (I'm feeling like dropping "Area Codes" by Ludacris about now.) The food is great, the view is interesting (there are windows everywhere) and it's pretty centrally located (5 minute walk from the Ramblas.)  I kicked off the residency last week with a guest set by IAMRISHA from London.  She was great to have playing music and generally has good vibes.  Thanks to Mr. Cal Jader of Movimientos for introducing us!

Next week, following my Saturday in the 213, I've got a gig in Sitges on Sunday 15 March at one of the coolest venues in town, La Cava Club.  Even the Sitges city site is listing it!  It is hosted by Electric Blue, bassist Juanlu (Calima/Ojos de Brujo) and vocalist Ramon Mirabet, I am guest DJ and there are visiting musicians--last time I was joined by guitarist Cameron Moore, percussionist Darryl Clark & drummer Dave Cameron.  It's sort of a jazz-funk-hiphop-electronic jam session.  It's in the center of town and early (8pm-11pm) so you can close your weekend out right!

See you soon!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Get Down Friday Night (Basel Feb 2015)

So far...

Saw a few monks on the plane to Switzerland.  They were all really nice and friendly.  I had to ask one of them to move (she was sitting in my seat after I'd already set up camp there.)  The plane was half-full at best, so initially I felt bad telling her she was "in my seat."  She was very gracious and found it funny--problem solved.

I flew with Swiss Air and along with accruing miles on my "frequent flyer" account, not having to pay extra for checked luggage AND being served drinks (juice and water) plus a snack (pretzel shaped bread with butter on it) I discovered another reason to fly with them to a small airport like Basel (I usually would fly with EasyJet)--NO WALKING ON THE FREEZING TARMAC!!!  It's amazing how little things can make such a big difference.  ...Did I mention the complimentary chocolate?  I was actually encouraged to take as much as I liked (I took a polite 2 small bars.)  While the serious chocoholic friends of mine would sniff disapprovingly at the milk chocolate we were offerred, it was free.

On the bus to town, I had my bags on the seat next to me (oddly, the luggage racks weren't very close or convenient--the Swiss are usually very good about practicality and organization.)  A few stops later, a woman boarded the bus looking like she was about to die of exhaustion so I did the kind thing and offerred my seat.  I think she was going to be polite and decline, but her condition got the better of her and she accepted gratefully.  Unfortunately, a few stops later I had to get off and people were boarding (they board through any open door in Switzerland--but everyone buys their ticket before boarding.)  As the Swiss are also known for being very timely, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to grab my luggage and disembark in time--but everything turned out fine and someone rushing to the stop was even able to board.

I was treated to dinner before my set at Acqua Lounge and opted for the vegetarian menu (the other choices were fish & meat--beef.)  I understand that in Italy (the restaurant is Italian) it is common to have a set offering for the evening--here at least you get to choose meat, seafood or vegetables.  It was definitely not gluten-free, with the bread sticks, green salad with cheese-toast for croutons, pea-filled wheat ravioli (only 4, but all very delicious with an amazing sauce,) and the main dish of grilled vegetables on bread slices in tomato sauce.  That main doesn't sound very exciting, but mostly because I don't know the proper terminology to "jazz it up." It was amazing.  I probably could have had a proper dessert, but after such a foodgasm I didn't want to ruin it by eating too much.  I had an espresso that arrived with chocolate truffle-drops (I think Hershey has probably trademarked "chocolate kisses" as a sweet.)  After that I was eager to get up and earn my supper!

After fiddling with various wires, audio cables and electric sockets I was finally ready to play some music.  To fit with the ambiance already set by the music, I started out with some deep house and within minutes, people started to dance.  Normally, that's how I like to get things going (i.e., people dancing in short order) but as this place is a restaurant and bar, I'm used to people chatting, drinking and not dancing.  Since it seemed people wanted to party (on a Thursday, no less) I kept the music in that vibe...  If you've been to one of my sets, you know that I generally prefer to "change up" the music so it doesn't feel like I'm playing the same stuff all night.  Even when it's a night of a particular musical genre, I find ways to wiggle around within those limits.  At a certain point, I felt that I'd taken the house as far as I could and needed to change the energy, so I did something kind of adventurous...
I played the song below--which was sampled in a really big club hit.

...They ate it up!  So then I played a few more soul classics, switched to Pharrell's "Happy," a D&B remix of Lorde's "Royals" (get it here, it's on the reggae tip--kind of a nose-thumb at Lorde as she claims to hate reggae,) Fugees' "Ready Or Not" remixed by DJ Hype (or it Zinc? the whitelabel confusion continues,) into another Ganja Kru (DJ Hype, Zinc & Pascal) joint, this time a twist of "Lowrider" by War.  The mini-D&B set was followed by "Welcome to Jamrock" (Damian Marley) and its source material, "World A Music" by Ini Kamoze (yes, the "hotstepper.")  Bringing the tempo (and energy) back up, I played some hiphop, snuck in some Jon Lucien (to be fair, it was the break of one of the hiphop tunes) and then laid down the funk before heading into disco and then back to house...

All in all, it went well and we turned what we expected to be a slow night into quite the party...

Tonight it goes down at another friendly venue, Grenzwert!  See you there?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thursday Night Thunder in Basel...

Headed out to Switzerland on Thursday and I'm super-excited to return to the fabulous restaurant and lounge that is Acqua in Basel!

I'll also be playing Friday and Saturday night, so I'll post about those events as well...

We'll see how my new "genre" flies: "global electronic soul."  I think it sounds like it encompasses the range of what I do without taking 20 minutes to explain...

In other news, February 23 is the release date for the Straight Representing EP (music by Toppa Bling with Los Chicos Altos & Quincy Jointz!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

FEB 01 Electric Blue Sessions: Juanlu & R. Mirabet feat DJ T-BIRD

The first day of February (this Sunday) I will play music again in La Cava del Retiro.  With the most famous bassist of Sitges (Juanlu of group Calima,) the vocalist Ramon Mirabet and other guest musicians we will have a "jam session" starting at 8pm until 11pm.  When the live music ends, I will play tunes for the dancers...

When you come, greet me--I'll be very happy to see you!

Where:  La Cava del Retiro, Carrer Àngel Vidal 17-23, 08870 Sitges
When: Sunday 1 February starting 8pm
How much: Free Entry
FB event: