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Monday, November 16, 2015

Ride On (Something Else! 11-10-2015)

It's a new Something Else! Radio show! The usual mix of classic and new tracks, plus a mini-tribute to Allen Toussaint, Don of the New Orleans music scene who recently passed away in Madrid, Spain while on a European tour.  New tracks include a Sumsuch remix of Aiby & The Noise on his label Colour & Pitch (available for purchase here,)  Baltimore's NowChild on Jett Music from Los Angeles (get the release here,) St. Germain from his new self-titled album, St. Germain and Demarkus Lewis from The Many Facets of... on Guesthouse Music.

Starting my new years resolution early...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Black Feeling 3 -- Feeling Good!!

So the other day I did a DJ mix as promotion for a compilation on Freestyle Records that I'm excited about, Black Feeling Vol. 3.  It's out now, so go buy it!

If you know the Australian group The Bamboos, you're gonna love it--Lance Ferguson (aka Lanu) is behind it and it's up to his usual quality (i.e., excellent!)  As it's the third in the series, I thought it would be good to get people interested in the other two volumes as well, so the mix draws from all three of them.

Listen below, share freely and then buy the music!  JunoDownload even made a list of the tunes I played on the mix so you can buy all of them and know which album they are from.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

You Ain't Hip! (Tunes, gigs & stuff...)

As some of you know, I've been playing sessions at Dos Trece Restaurant & Bar in Barcelona's Raval neighborhood.  I'm back there this weekend for a Brunch Session 13hr-17hr (last time I did a Saturday night.)  Great food & drink + decent music... 

You're probably also aware that I make, edit and otherwise tweak music... Above is a newly re-tweaked piece of music.  I'd worked on this before, but after some comments and playing it out on gigs I went back and made some more tweaks: EQ, mixing, mastering and such...

Not one or two, but three mixes to share from Mixcloud! 

The first is the 2nd part of a mix I did for photographer Jutta Pfannenschmidt.  She had a showing of her work in Barcelona (Part 1) and then moved the show to Madrid.  This show is about everyday beauty we miss purely because we are in a hurry and don't spend enough time actually noticing our environment and is called "¡No corras contemporáneo, contempla!"

The second mix is for a bar that I visited the last time I was in Madrid.  I think that it is important not only to play good music, but to play music that sounds good in the space you're playing.  With that in mind, I made this mix of music I though would sound good in Bar Cock.  It's an old-fashioned, classy bar near Gran Via.

The third mix is another "partial set."  It is a recreation of the first part of the set I played in Macarena MicroClub in Barcelona.  It's not 100% faithful as I have swapped out at least one track, let's say it's 95% faithful...  I will be back there Friday 29 May with Teysel for an EUN Records  label showcase featuring Prompter from Germany.  More info can be found on Facebook and Resident Advisor.

Now you are clued-in and fully hip, daddy/mommy-o!

Friday, April 10, 2015

The hits keep coming...

I want to make it clear I am NOT complaining!  ...But I've got another whopper weekend coming up...

As I do normally, I'm at Dos Trece for the Brunch Sessions this Saturday (if you haven't tried the food there, you're missing out!)  That will be from 1pm-5pm.  If you can't make it, listen live here:
Later on, I'm going to check out my Sitges homie, Tom Warburton's new live project TKWJR & Lion Sound at Absenta del Raval!  I saw their first gig at La Cava Club in Sitges and it will be interesting to see how they've tweaked the show for the big city...
TKWJR - Production
ANDREW LEEK - Programming & projections

After that I'm headed down the street for the inaugural gig of DJ AndyLoop's Bombo Club in Barcelona!  He's had many successful nights in Vienna with Bombo Club and now he's letting Barcelona in on the fun.  The venue is Barts in Parallel.  Highly recommended--I've had a great time at every gig I've gone to in that venue.

I may finally make it to Barcelona's daytime electronic event this Sunday, Brunch Electronik!  If I go, I will be with friends Marina & Dima Studitsky.  They are both super-nice people and quite funny.  Moodymann & the Discos Paradiso DJs are playing, plus Jacques Greene (who Dima is looking forward to hearing.)

....But to wrap up the weekend, I'll be returning to Breaking Sundays at La Cava Club in Sitges again this week!

For the observant among you, I have not changed my name to "DJ Loopnavarro" - I'm filling in for him.  Not sure that we'll have the guest star-power of last week, but who knows?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The last few months I've been invited to be a part of Breaking Sundays an "electro-jam" featuring a DJ, bassist (Juanlu of Calima/Ojos de Brujo,) vocalist (Ramon Mirabet,) and guest musicians, such as Cameron Moore, Jordi Mestres, Darryl Clark and others.

This Sunday for most of the night it was like the video below--Juanlu had another commitment...

Later, Juanlu came by and brought a friend.  Initially, I thought "Hey this guy is pretty good..."  and even by the time the next video was shot, I'm not sure I knew who was on stage with me...

...But it didn't stop me from dropping the classic Stalag riddim--basis of such dancehall hits as "Ring the Alarm" by Tenor Saw,  "When A Man's In Love" by Yami Bolo and the massive "Bam Bam" by Sister Nancy. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I was honored to be sharing the stage with MACACO!  Former member of Ojos de Brujo (like Juanlu) collaborator with Michael Franti of Spearhead and international star in his own right... 

He was really fun onstage, captivated the crowd and seemed to be enjoying himself.  Here's the funny part: about two weeks ago he was playing in Sitges and I wanted to go to the show, but I couldn't as it was sold out.  I knew some of his music and that he was "big," but I had NO idea how he looked...

I'm sure there was more video taken last night--as I find it, I will post it!

I mentioned Michael Franti earlier, so here's a video that he did with Macaco that was shot (partly) in Sitges!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Look Out Weekend Here We Come...

Last weekend was great and we're getting ready to do it AGAIN...  This time we start out in Sitges on Friday at an exhibition of work by photographer & painter extraordinaire, Pepe Pujol Carabantes (aka Joe Tookit!) The venue is El Sotano de Mamá (c/ Sant Pere 28) and the event is called "el dibujo al servicio de la fotografia" Many of the nicest photos of me in recent years have been taken by Pepe, so I'm very happy to be part of his exhibition!  It starts at 8pm and goes till they kick us out (3am at the latest...)

Saturday I return to Dos Trece (c/ Carme 40 at Dr. Dou, in the Raval) for the Brunch Sessions!  If you haven't been, the food is really great--I eat it myself!  You can have a proper lunch, choose USA-style brunch (with real pancakes, not crepes masquerading as such) and there are even vegan options.  As for the music, an archived set is above for your listening pleasure...  Every Saturday from 1pm-5pm!

Although many folks know Los Chicos Altos for our global-bass stylings, we make all kinds of music...  Evidence is submitted above via a "House Tracks" playlist on Soundcloud--including two new remixes, Hiloco NeroDoll's "Come On" and Shinichi Osawa's "Frosted Tips" given the LCA touch...

Wrapping up, I should mention that one of them ("Come On") got played during my set at Macarena last Saturday!  ...I had a great time and the room seemed to enjoy my style!  Looking forward to the next time and huge thanks to Teysel!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Heavy Weekend!!

Like Busta Rhymes w/A Tribe Called Quest, I'm sayin' "Oh my God, yes OMG..."  My weekend starts off with the one & only Mr."Hit Me Fred" Wesley on Friday at Marula Cafe Barcelona!  This guy is all sorts of music legend--Count Basie, Ike & Tina Turner, Parliament-Funkadelic and most famously, James Brown are some of the people he's worked with.  The night is a tribute to Jimmy Smith, jazz organist extraordinaire and the trio consists of Fred on trombone, Leonardo Corradi on organ (Hammond B3--Jimmy's signature instrument) and Tony Match on drums.

I'm headed to the next neighborhood over where my favorite jazz bar is, Guzzo!

Nickodemus is in town again!  Looks like he's got another record out...  This event at Guzzo is one of his stops on the world tour in support of the new album. WONDERWORLD Official digital, CD, cassette release is available at

Saturday there's no letting up...  Brunch Session at Dos Trece from 1-5pm and then  later that night...

I have wanted to play Macarena Club since the first time I set foot in there several years ago!  I was with my friend (and former boss) DJ DePaco to see Freerange label head, Jimpster.  It's considered a "micro-club" and the name is appropriate as I can't imagine more than 100 fitting in there.  However, the sound is amazing. It's gonna be a night of music ranging from deep house to techno and I am really looking forward to opening up (12 midnight - 2am) for headliners Teysel (EUN Records) and Playane (CatsLoveBass.) Facebook event here.

Come out, dance, eat or just say "Hello!"  But don't call me on Sunday, I'll be out of comission...

P.S. Check out the review I wrote for Vursatyl's (Lifesavas) "Super" on You and the Music...