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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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No particular theme this week on "Something Else!," but a few new things I'm excited about.  There's a couple from a compilation that a friend suggested I check out (Absolute - Sounds from Tokyo compiled by Aroop Roy) and it's got me thrilled about music again!  The other new one is by a friend from LA -- Anne Montone.  
"Steppin' Right Along" by Bill Withers starts us off with some solid soul before Tony D's "Central Introduction" hits us with the boom-bap from one of my favorite 90s compilations, "Central Heating" (on Mark Rae's Grand Central Recordings.)  "Audio-Teleport" by Stone Detectives is next up from "Absolute..." and is a mind-blowing fusion cut-up.  I'm not gonna tell on them (I'm not a sample-rat!) but I will say all the groove samples are from the same tune -- and I'ml amazed by what they did with it.  Sort of "glitchy" jazzy broken-beat (I didn't even know that could work...)  Steely Dan's "Hey Nineteen" was a huge hit, but I'm not gonna let that put me off good music.  More "hit" music from Moby retouched by Mark Rae & Steve Christian "Bodyrock (Rae & Christian Remix)" followed by the aforementioned track by Anne Montone "Take A Picture."  From jazzy to jazz with "Footprints" interpreted by my favorite Miles Davis Quintet from the 60s featuring future legends Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, Ron Carter and Wayne Shorter (also on composing duties.)  The hint of latin rhythms in the Miles track is more explicit in "Afro-Cuban Haze" by Nuspirit Helsinki, Finland's nu-jazz sensations who are followed by Sauce 81's "Qozmik Phunk (Aroop Roy Edit)" again from Absolute... We close with a few Valentine-worthy tracks (my subconscious at work?) -- Bjork's "Venus As A Boy" and "Sweet Dub" by Julie Dexter the Birmingham UK native relocated to Atlanta.
All over the place as usual, but that's kinda the deal with me...

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