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Thursday, February 19, 2009

This Week's Show

A rundown of the music on this week's episode of "Something Else" on Simbad's "Airport Beat 1008" starts out our new journey and also exposes some more of "my new favorite album" (see "Featured Album" below.) Classic Steely Dan up next with "Reeling In The Years" from their debut album You Can't Buy A Thrill. Pat Metheny's "Slip Away" melts into "Summer Daze," the deep-house track playing at every bar during the summer by Nick Holder. Although you'll never get any argument from me about the accuracy of Masters At Work's monicker, I've always preferred the MJ Cole Dub of "To Be In Love" feat. India--something about the bass. Speaking of dub... Williams Traffic make good use of a bittersweet Richard Rive poem "Where the Rainbow Ends" as read by James Earl Jones on "Rainbow Dub." Next we hear Rasta prophecies from the Ballistic Brothers' "Prophecy Reveal." Bopstar brings us back into the present with his current track "Captured (Restless Soul Main Mix)" featuring Zara McFarlane and some more serious low-end. Femi Kuti reminds us of Africa's exploitation in "You Better Ask Yourself (T-Bird's Dollar A Day Mix) and we ponder the "Esoteric Agenda (Tokyo Mix)" by Kay Suzuki--another track from the featured Absolute!! "Demand the Vote" by D.A.A.S. Wuz Up is to remind us that residents of the Capital City of the USA (Washington D.C.) has no voting representatives in either house of Congress, yet they pay taxes and have the same responsibilities as other U.S. citizens and they would like to change that--all to the swinging DC Go-Go beat... Keeping to the funky protest vibe, "The Word" by Junkyard Band let's us know what it felt like to be in "Chocolate City" (aka Washington D.C. -- most of the residents are African-Americans) during the Reagan years -- no money available for social services, yet defense spending was up ("Reagan's makin' bombs...) Swell Session vs. Seiji closes us out with "Prepared to Go" featuring Ernesto on a nu-soul tip. "...Time that you listen, now..."

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