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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

...And I Thank You! (Something Else! 3/19/09 on

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The "Something Else! Intro" starts us out on our next journey in the 7 seas of sound...

This trip would not be possible without the direct involvement of some special people--recording artists. Of course, without recording artists there would be no music for me to play or blog about, however, certain artists have done more than merely create music for me to share with you -- they have given me said music for the specific purpose of sharing with you on my radio show, at my dj gigs and even blogging about how great it is!

"Depth Charge Dub" by Dubmatix is the first track of the show and one of several in this show given to me to play for your enjoyment. Les Negresses Vertes' "Voilà l'été (inédit) (Gangstarr & LNV Remix)" is from an album called "10 Remixes" containing remixes by other major remix producers such as Masters at Work and Massive Attack. Mos Def is one of my favorite MCs (and a decent actor as well) so I was thrilled to be told about his track "Quiet Dog." "He's a Hustler" by The Revelations feat. Tre' Williams is R&B in the old mode, more like an updated Wilson Pickett rather than the stuff that is called "R&B" now, like Pharrell Williams. Dropping some "wobbly funk," Flevans' "Flicker" has some nice bottom end leading into "Dirty Beats (Skitz Remix)" by Roni Size (feat. Dynamite MC.) Dynamite has lyrics that still work years later! "Yabba Dabba Doo" by Don Blackman wraps up the funk feel and leads us into a nice soulful house track "Home To You (Pirahnahead's Inaugural Mix)" by Tortured Soul (thanks, guys!) Monique Bingham's voice should sound familiar to all you soulful house fans, she's worked with Abstract Truth, Naked Music and Matthias "Matty" Heilbronn. Her track "Run" continues in the same tradition and leads us to "Live On (Mark Grant's Blackstone Remix)" by 2-step don, now gone house, Wookie featuring vocalist Lain. We wrap up with two more house tracks, "Sixty One" by Nic Bossa and "Carpet Volé" by Madnus & Scogil which come from "Fluid Ounce presents..." a compilation given to me by one of the label heads, Chris Vogado. Just so you know, this compilation is on a DVD, not CD -- there are 90(!) tracks in digital form, both mp3s and uncompressed AIFFs (thanks Chris!) Given that most cds have 10-15 full-length tracks on them, this is the equivalent of 6-9 CDs worth of material for the price of 1! For that price, I guarantee you'll find your money's worth of good electronic music.

Here's a video of Beardyman & JFB, some people I'll be seeing soon on my trip to London:

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