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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Woo-HAH!!! (aka "Something Else!" on WTNR 02-26-2009 Show)

So this show has a few "original breaks" as we used to say when I could still call myself a hiphop dj (that would be in the 90's, if you were wondering.) Starting out with the classic "Space" by Galt McDermot from the Soundtrack for "Woman Is Sweeter" (pictured on this post.) Busta Rhymes' hit "Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check)" famously samples the groove and just to highlight that I did a "Beat Street" (the famed Brooklyn NYC record store that puts out compilations of "breaks") and looped the sampled part just to highlight it for everyone. Next I played a bit of the hiphop instrumental and then into the Jay Dee (aka "Dilla") vocal remix that is really good (well, better than "good," but this is a family blog...) I used to be a real big fan of Doctor L (aka "Doc L Jnr") and really the only thing that's changed is that I'm not hunting his music down like gold anymore. However, I AM looking for a digital version of his "Fortune & Fame" (Runaways UK Remix) if anyone has a line on it... Anyway, he's represented by his "Dub Power" track on this show, followed by another "source track" -- "A Chant for Bu" by Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. A Tribe Called Quest "Excursions (edit)" follows for reasons borne out by listening as does "House of Tribe (T. Hunter Main mix)" by Jazzy Jeff. Keeping it uptempo, The Funky Brat's "Chunki, Funki, Munki Business (Bring Me Down)" is one of those nice deep house joints with that soul-jazzy vibe I like so much. I'm very happy to feature a track from a friend who's been releasing stuff for years and is an AMAZING party dj--Ursula 1000. His new track featuring Kojak on MC duties is "Zombies"which is kinda fun, electro-breaks. One of my favorite French house producers, Llorca, is working under a new name: Miamik. "Insatiable (Dub)" is one of his tracks for "Back To Fundamentals" a French collective and maybe label? Although the track is definitely on the electronic tip, it's still quite soulful--my test is always "Did my wife make me turn it off?" Not only did I not have to turn it off, she actually seemed to dance to it! Speaking of soulful, I usually am really skeptical of house covers of classic 70s songs--especially Marvin Gaye tunes--but Kenny Dope lives up to his name with his protegé Chronkite's "I Want You (K-Dope Dubb Revised)"! I've been playing a lot of music from Aroop Roy's Compilation "Absolute..." and this week is no exception, Colonel Red & C.O.N.E's "Victim (Original Mix)" is up this show. The Whatnauts are a group I was introduced to via A Tribe Called Quest break compilation called "Tribe Vibes." I really liked "Why Can't People Be Colors Too" and "Help Is On The Way" is another song I discovered while rooting through some other stuff of theirs I found online. Mark de Clive-Lowe & Bembe Segue wrap up with "Heaven Pt. II"

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