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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fluid Oz Guest Mix! (Something Else! 05/07/09 on Wtnr

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Special treat this week!!

Thanks to Chris Vogado of Zero Db/Fluid Oz (the man in the photo) we have a featured guest mix for Something Else! Over the last few episodes I have played a number of tracks from the release Fluid Ounce presents... a DVD featuring SEVEN HOURS of music ranging from chilled-out downtempo to glitched-out house. Chris kindly sent me a mix of tracks solely from the DVD and I don't think there are any of the tracks that I'd been playing in the mix... Rather than rambling on and re-telling a story better told first-hand, I will tell you about the tracks I play to lead into Chris' mix and then post his tracklist and let him tell his own story (the writing is pretty good, why not share it?)

Since Chris went futuristic on us, I decided to mine the past a bit. After the show intro I started out with a Philly break I just came across, Norman Harris' "In Good Faith" (courtesy of Norman Jay -- the original "rare groove" dj -- and his compilation Philadelphia 1973-1981 The Underground Anthems of Philadelphia Soul.) Next I go into a song that I love dearly and play a lot at home--"Tales (Reprise)" by Marcus Miller featuring Joe Sample (co-writer of "Street Life," the Crusaders' anthem featuring Randy Crawford on vocals.) Marcus Miller is the man responsible for Luther Vandross' early hits (e.g., "Never Too Much,") the David Sanborn albums that people still own (e.g., Backstreet,) E.U.'s DC Go-go classic "Da Butt" (featured in Spike Lee's School Daze) and most of Miles Davis' popular later albums (e.g., Tutu & Amandla.) Jhelisa's "Whirl Keeps Turnin'" leads us into the guest mix...
The brainchild of Fluid Ounce head honcho Chris Vogado - aka one half of Ninja Tune’s Zero dB - ‘Fluid Ounce presents…’ is a groundbreaking compilation: 90 (yes, nine-zero) tracks of exclusive, exciting, original and genre-rampaging music presented in high quality formats on one DVD.
And here’s how it came to be…
It’s 2008; you know how it is; the music industry is flickering in its own embers; compact discs dangle to scare off birds whilst vinyl gathers dust; recordings of music can be heard but not seen.
Chris Vogado struggles back from another gig, another airport, another journey, with two excessively heavy record bags full of vinyl gems. As he enters Fluid Ounce HQ and relieves his sloping shoulders, he detours into the vaults where demos bulge off every shelf and remind him of the mammoth task in hand. For years he’s been receiving, auditioning, reviewing and ransacking an ever rising flood of demos, sent with care from around the world. And for the past two years, he’s concentrated great efforts into scooping off the cream and liaising with the artists to optimise their often already exceptional if sometimes under-nurtured sounds. But to release all of these nuggets on 12” heavyweight vinyl, as the quality of the music deserves, when no miserable sod can be bothered to put their wallet where their appreciation of this unsurpassable format is? NON! NO! NO MORE! NOT IN THIS GAME! Chris Vogado, realising he is shouting at nobody, gathers his thoughts and calmly vows to make a change.
Suddenly, through the haze of sunlit dust specks a vision appears (and for once, it is not a naked lady). It could just be the solution: put out a massive collection of the very best of a damned good lot and show the world that quantity and quality can coexist in a small, neat package. Si, si, señores y señoras, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - Fluid Ounce Presents… these 90 exclusive, outstanding tracks, from no less than 29 different, mostly new, but always uniquely fresh artists, all carefully plucked and finely tuned by the clean and unforgiving ears of A&R guru Chris Vogado.
I know I’m hard to please”, sighs Vogado now, “and I know I’ve been a real pain in the arse for most of the artists featured here, meddling to the point of great interference, but it really has been worth it, as they, we - and hopefully you - will all agree.

Fluid Ounce Presents... Radio show
(ALL tracks featured appear on the DVD release 'Fluid Ounce presents...')
1 Daisuke Tanabe - Blue Towel
2 Paul Freeth - 2 Left Feet
3 Barry Styles - Ooh Baby
4 Raj - Goranja Center
5 Kid Swing - Yeah Yeah Baby
6 Kids In Tracksuits - Ape Sh*t
7 Beatspoke - Dubcore
8 B.D.I. - Blackstar (Up & Out mix)
9 Color Blind - Green Paper (Deepchild remix)
10 Kids In Tracksuits - Eyes like Tea
11 Hipster Wonkas - Spaced Out Mums
12 Raymond In Space - Galactica
13 Color Blind - One More Reason ( Barbena & Ashton remix)
14 Is Love - October & Borai
15 Caged Torazik - DJ Gomor
16 Scott - Bah
17 Dave da Gato - Carbon

Current Chart:
1 Monster box – Motor City Drum Ensemble - Faces
2 Climax – Moonstarr - PTR
3 Moog dub – 2562 - Tectonic
4 Universe (Dave Da Gato's Festival F**k Up Bounce) - Alice Rusell - Sparkle Street Records
5 Touffe Yen yen Dave Da Gato remix - Brighter Nights EP - Dudes & Beats
6 Carbon - Dave da Gato - Fluid Ounce presents DVD!
7 Sweet Dick Willy – Kail – Big Dada
8 Harmonic 313 - LP (ALL) - Warp

If you like Mr. Vogado's set, check out his website:
Give him a shout and tell him T-Bird sent you!

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