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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Your Street -- Wherever You Are (Something Else! on 07/16/09)

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The Something Else! Intro leads us into another sonic journey. "Goo Goo Wah Wah" by Wah Wah Watson starts out with some talkbox-guitar funk, like the music from Car Wash set loose from pop-song sensibilities. If the guitar sounds familiar, you might recognize it from Mr. Watson's work with Norman Whitfield (who wrote all the music for Car Wash and used to be a Motown house producer) or maybe Herbie Hancock's pre-80s funk (e.g., Manchild, Flood, Secrets.) "Fire Eater" by Rusty Bryant is one of those classic, but still powerful, Hammond organ-driven, soul-jazz romps that always work for me. "After the Fire" by Kabuki features one of my favorite UK vocalists, Cleveland Watkiss aka "Origin"--strictly British butter (as in "smooth as...") "Cumbia Infierno (Toti & Andy Loop Fat Beat Remix)" by La Troba Kung Fú is from Nickodemus & Mariano's Turntables on the Hudson 10 Year Anniversary Compilation and features local Catalans La Troba Kung Fú, Toti and DJ Andy Loop (Brazelona Sessions.) I've DJed alongside Andy Loop and last summer La Troba Kung Fú played live in the plaza at the end of my street (full soundsystem, lights and everything!) Keep an eye out for those folks, they are really good live (even if you don't understand Catalan.) "Secret Agent (T-Bird's Something Else! Covert remix)" by Tony Allen is my latest excursion into Afrobeat production (or rather re-producing.) Tony is a legend, not only for being one of Fela Kuti's drummers, but for leading groups on his own (including non-traditional music featuring France's Doctor L) and partnering up with electronic producers like Glenn "Bigga" Bush, Boozoo Bajou and Funky Lowlives to have them refashion his tracks into interesting hybrids (check out Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble.) This track was done for a competition and if I "get anywhere" with it, you'll be some of the first to know. "Wonju" by Rose Dede Tetteh is from a great African music compilation put out by Akwaaba called Akwaaba wo Africa. Although I know it's a "buzzword" one of the things I really like about Akwaaba is that they engage in "Fair Trade" practices. If you want to know how rare that is, ask any musician who's been in a "signed" band. The other thing I like about Akwaaba is that the music is top-notch. "Dreaming (Turkisch Trumpet Mix)" by 4 Wings is something I found while looking for music that the local crowds here in Barcelona might know. The Mediterranean influence is huge here (as it should be) but it is interesting to me how far away some of the styles come from. I guess music travels farther through water. "La La Song" by Bob Sinclar was another song found on that same search and features The Sugarhill Gang! It's a great party tune as you would expect from something featuring Old-School Hiphop artists. "8th Wonder" is a look back to The Sugarhill Gang's past and we close out with two "rare groove" breaks, "Let's Dance" by Pleasure and "Funk It Up" by Caesar Frazier. I'm not going to tattle on the artists who sampled these tracks, but I suspect several of you will recognize them. Even if you don't they are still good tunes.


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