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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friends & Strangers (Something Else! on for 9/17/09)

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The "Something Else! Intro" marks the familiar beginning to a journey to unfamiliar places... "Why Don't You Take Us" by Sky King is a hiphop break found on Strange Breaks & Mr Thing compiled by the former Scratch Pervert from the UK. Here's what he does when not compiling or producing (there's a few naughty words so sorry, it's not safe for work or very young ears):

"Do What" by The Jivers feat. Anqui is a track I was turned onto by the artists themselves--my friends Fred Spider & Don Pascal of Barcelona. It is featured on the new Jazz & Milk Breaks 3. Given the true jazziness of it I had to follow it with a great version of my favorite track by Eminem (actually, just about the only one I can bear): "My Name Is" by Nostalgia 77 feat. The Fiction Band. This comes from a great compilation of cover songs Tru Thoughts Covers featuring artists on that label such as The Bamboos, Quantic & Alice Russell who have all gotten love on my show before. The range of artists covered is quite broad--Jeff Buckley, Frank Sinatra, Lilly Allen and even Roni Size/Reprazent! The next song I was first introduced to by my friend and rare-groove mentor Dj Elonzo, "It Can Never Be the Same" by Tower Of Power. I've always been a fan of theirs but when I came across some pre-Warner Brothers albums by them (what most of us know by TOP) I had to look for this tune... "After The Fire (Alternate Version)" by Kabuki feat Cleveland Watkiss is something I used to have on vinyl, but found it again on a great dub/downtempo collection Dem Roots (Compiled By Sonar Kollektiv). As I was saying earlier today, if you want me to check out a tune, get Cleveland Watkiss on it... "Yalopa" by Julien Jabre is a classy house tune from Phil Asher's Jazz In The House 10. You all know I <3 href="">Jose Marquez Remix)" by Totin. While we're dishing out love to LA, might as well throw some toward Rhythm Roots All-Stars' "JJD (Afrodesiac Soundsystem Remix.)" All who remember the Sunday nights at Santa Monica's Temple Bar (RIP) know what these guys can do. Keeping the Afro vibe alive, Tony Allen's "Afropusherman" with his project Psyco On Da Bus with Doctor L and other talented musicians reminds you why Tony is considered a legend. Red Hot + Riot was issued as part of the Red Hot AIDS/HIV benefit albums and was also a tribute to the late Fela Kuti (Tony Allen's most famous associate.) Although some tracks were not, most tracks were either covers of Fela songs such as "Intro/Water Get No Enemy" by D'Angelo, Femi Kuti, & Macy Gray (Featuring Roy Hargrove, Nile Rodgers, The Soultronics & Positive Force.) I close out with a lovely African track that also spreads some west coast love... "Baro" by Ahmed Fofana is released for mass-consumption on "fair trade" African music label Akwaaba, headed up by my friend Benjamin LeBrave.

Enjoy and expect more fun stuff next week!

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