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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is It Hot In Here? (Something Else! on for 11/19/09)

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Welcome back, friends! The Something Else! Intro and Gil Evans' "The Pan Piper" by Miles Davis set us up for Part 2 of The Vicente Bellver session. As with last week's show, I´ll step out of Vicente's way and just give you the tracklist:

La Tumchi Anni - Mariem Hassan

Standing In My Doorway Crying - Jessie Mae Hemphill

Where Would You Be - Yaw

Blacksolsista - Valencia Robinson

What Does It Take? - Pillow Talk

Flowers - Dudley Perkins

Bole 2 Harlem - Bole 2 Harlem

End of Guest Set

Keeping it a bit African, Sofi Hellborg feat. Tony Allen present "Wouldn't That Be Fun" followed by the source material for a popular sample of late "Drumbeat" by Jim Ingram. "Hold On (Hint Remix)" by Flevans is some more "hot off the presses" music from Tru-Thoughts in Brighton. Nice, funky & soulful as befits someone on the same label as Quantic. "Bail Me Out" feat Dam Funk is yet more UK music, but artist Trus' Me and label Prime Numbers/Fat City are from Manchester-way... Courtesy of a compilation called Ultimate Italian Disco Funk Collection "Can't Hold Back Your Lovin'" by Kano we hear that sound that was called "boogie" in the UK and in the states we just called it "80s funk" (although some of the best stuff came out in the late 70s.) I've known about Incognito for a long time and the song "Always There" has been one of my favorites since its debut in the 70s (it's a Ronnie Laws song.) What I didn't know about until very recently was Incognito's jazz version featuring a horn melody in place of the classic vocal by Jocelyn Brown. Enjoy "Always There (Symphonic Jazz Mix)" by Incognito and I'll have some more stuff for you next week...

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