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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vicente's Smoking... (Something Else! on for 11/12/09)

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This past week I was really lucky--I only had to program half of my show! Now that sounds like I'm being lazy and slacking off (maybe?) but the good news for you, the listener is that the half I didn't have to program is a special guest set by my friend Vicente Bellver! For those of you not blessed enough to know Vicente, he's one of those people with an amazing music collection that's always expanding. I don't know if I've ever heard the same song twice when I've gone to his place. In Spain when you go for dinner it's considered short if you're there less than 3 hours. I am constantly asking him what things are that he's playing and then I am surprised by the stuff I do recognize ("You know about this artist/group, Vicente?") I should let you know that Vicente does not consider himself a DJ (although I do.) I'm sure for him, he just loves music. The last time I was at his place I asked him to do a session for me just because I love his choices so much. Apparently when he found the time, he had so much fun he sent me TWO... I've split them up so that you can enjoy "Part One" here and "Part Two" will be in the next show.

The ubiquitous Something Else! Intro starts us off before "Adios" by an early incarnation of Weather Report (from Sweetnighter, their 3rd album) leads us into the first track of Vicente's session. Since I know very little about what Vicente is playing, I'll just present his playlist and then resume comment on the tracks I followed with.

Guest Dj set from Vicente Bellver (part 1):

In Her Smile - Build An Ark

Annobon - Aldo Romano, Louis Sclavis, Henri Texier

Mansane Cisse - Habib Koite & Bamada

In Time Of Need - Terence Blanchard

Just for Nana (Caymmi) - Terence Blanchard feat Ivan Lins

Georgia On My Mind - Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis

End Of Guest Set, Thanks Vicente!

As you can see, Vicente is the master of setting a "vibe"--an essential, no, the essential ingredient of being a DJ--you can't teach this to someone, you can only refine it. Picking up the baton, I follow Vicente with "Lonely Town, Lonely Street (Live)" by Bill Withers. If you didn't know already there is a documentary film about Bill called "Still Bill"--also the name of one of his most popular albums. "In A Week, In A Day (Ashley Beedle Streetsoul Edit)" by Kylie Auldist was sent to me by the label, Tru Thoughts, but I already loved the original so it wasn't that hard of a sell. On my last trip to London, I went to a place called The Notting Hill Arts Club for a night called "Movimiento" hosted by resident DJ Cal Jader. My introduction to Cal was when I went up to ask about a latin track (their specialty) that prominently featured turntablism. "Salsa Scratch" by Rob Swift featuring D-Styles & Bob James turned out to be the track I was inquiring about. I'm a big fan of Rob Swift and the X-Ecutioners (including the late Grandmaster Roc Raida) so this was a real thrill. I love the intro with the woman speaking about how it's important for there to be some scratch music with Latin flavor (Rob is of Dominican heritage.) Like many people in the late 70s and early 80s, I was a fan of the band The Police. "Voices In My Head (Roger's Loft Mix)" by The Police is a great way of sneaking them into a dance club and turning heads without killing the dancefloor. Speaking of dancefloors, the final track is like a trifecta--originally written by Rod Temperton (Heatwave/Michael Jackson) and The Brothers Johnson for their own group, it is covered by Quincy Jones (who produced for of their albums) and remixed by Mousse T ("Horny.") Enjoy "Stomp (Mousse T. Ultimate Stomper)" by Quincy Jones and check back for the next session from myself and Vicente!

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