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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Doings...

Hey folks,

The show is taking a Winter break, but there are still some things to check out whether you are in the Barcelona area or not:

I've got a new mix up at Thirty Thirsty in the style of what I play at my world-music monthly residency at Brazelona Sessions.

I'll be at Brazelona Sessions this month on Tuesday December 29th for my Birthday Party in Barcelona! The cover charge is 6 Euros and it's actually a good deal--you get a ticket for your first drink included! There is a special going now where your first drink (usually a beer or mixer + 1 liquor) can also be a MOJITO! There's nowhere I can think of in Barcelona where you can get admission to a great dance party and a mojito for only 6 Euros.

Speaking of monthlies, I've also got a residency at a local spot in Sitges--Something Else! at Sitges Room Club. This happens the first Friday of the month and in December I had my first guest Dj, Jon Wedge a UK ex-pat living here in Catalunya. I warmed up for Jon and he played some great vocal house that got the crowd going as well as some classics like an acid-soaked remix of "Yeke Yeke" by Mory Kante and Jaydee's "Plastic Dreams." How do you follow a set like that? Well, I started with a few classics as well--"LFO" by LFO and Kraftwerk's "Numbers." Later, I played some new stuff like Dennis Ferrer's "Hey Hey," Seiji's acid remix of "Embrace The Martian" by Crookers feat. Kid Cudi and even "Conga" by GroovyCosta as remixed by T-Bird (yours truly!) All told, it was a fun night for all!
Jon Wedge

Last, but by no means least (for this posting,) I was invited to a party put on by clothing label/store Desigual. They are from here, but calling them local would be selling them short by a long way--they have stores all over Europe, in the Middle East, Asia and even NYC! Dj Delippo (Bongo Lounge) held it down for Barcelona along with guest djs Raul Santana (Los Chicarrons/UK) and Zlata (Ukraine.) Unfortunately my pictures of Zlata didn't come out very well, but I like one of Delippo and a few of Raul Santana.
Raul Santana

I expect to do a few more mixes before the month is up, so check back!

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