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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back To Bass-ics (Something Else! on for 1/28/10)

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As always, we start with the "Something Else! Intro" and head right into "A Beautiful Space" by The Ballistic Brothers, London producer super-group (Rocky, Diesel, & Ashley Beedle of X-Press 2 + Dave Hill of Nuphonic Records.) "The Rings Of Saturn" by Dexter Wansel is from his landmark disco-jazz/funk album "Life On Mars" and transitions into adventurous jazz vocalist Julie Dexter's "Ketch A Vibe." I resist calling Julie Dexter a "nu-jazz" vocalist, because she's capable of singing straightforward jazz on a par with Diane Reeves or Dee Dee Bridgewater, she just chooses to work with electronic producers from time to time. Speaking of electronic producers, the next track is remixed by one of my favorite Bugz in the Attic and retains the raggamuffin reggae feel that is so influential on modern English dance music--"Lump Sum (Daz I Kue Remix)" by Linval Thompson. While we're in reggae mode, more English music from superstars Aswad with their dub hit "Warrior Charge." "Mr. Outsider" by Aceyalone is from one of my favorite hiphop records ever (All Balls Don't Bounce) and fortunately for me, is from my hometown--Los Angeles. Aceyalone is one of the four MCs from legendary underground group Freestyle Fellowship--the others are Self-Jupiter, Peace and Mikah 9 plus dj Kiilu Grand! Freestyle Fellowship came out of the same L.A. scene that produced The Pharcyde and Jurassic 5; The Goodlife Cafe on Crenshaw Boulevard. At the same time that those groups were finding their feet, artistically speaking, I was being discovering acid-jazz like "Electric Lazyland (Journeyman Mix)" by 9 Lazy 9. This would be in the early to mid 1990s and giving credit where it is due, I was turned on to the Ninja Tune sound by a man named Junior Roach who would later become my dj partner for many years. I was playing the domestic USA labels putting out this sort of sound (Instinct, New Breed, Eighth Dimension, etc.) and Junior Roach told me about the UK sound (Ninja Tune, Mo' Wax, Talkin' Loud, etc.) Through another music friend I was introduced to Dj Elonzo who further educated me in the the deep crate fare like the following track "I Don't Want To Leave You, I Just Came To Say Good-Bye" by Shawn Phillips. The band backing up Shawn is essentially Herbie Hancock's rhythm section (i.e., bassist Paul Jackson, drummer Mike Clark & percussionist Bill Summers) plus some other studio musicians. The official site for the album says that this track was done in one take... Ending with a classic dance track given a re-fit, we have "We Are Family (Daz I Kue Dub)" by Sister Sledge an "extra" from the sessions for Atlantiquity the remix album of classic Atlantic tracks. Daz-I-Kue is a generous guy, so go and get your free download of the track here!

Enjoy the music and see you next week!

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