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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Train To Spottersville (Something Else! on for 1/21/10)

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Somehow I got into a particular "trainspotting" mood when choosing the songs for this week's show and included many sample sources. Occasionally, I throw in a few but this week has several. The Something Else! Intro leads us into the first piece that has been sampled many times and I personally find amusing. Well, the spoken bit is amusing, the music is just groovy... "A Few More Words/Jive Samba (Live)" by The Cannonball Adderley Sextet. By the way, the "my brother" spoken of would be Nat Adderley, author of jazz classic "Work Song" and cornetist in the sextet. "Woman of the Ghetto (Live)" by Marlena Shaw is the full, unedited version from her marvelous Live at Montreux album. Unfortunately, the version from several compilations tends to edit out the beginning section where she introduces the band in a particularly musical way as sampled by Saint Germain for "Rose Rouge" and Blue Boy for "Remember Me." "Yendi" by Photek is the drum & bass track from the Modus Operandi single that included one of the few non-d & b tracks before Photek "went house." As I mentioned last week, an LA friend turned me onto Hawthorne Headhunters and this week I'm featuring "A Song About Her (Ced No's Remix.)" Method Man & Redman's "How High (Radio Remix)" seemed bumping enough to follow before digging in the crates to come up with another sample source. "Loud Minority" by Frank Foster (who has worked with the Count Basie Orchestra) features jazz vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater in a Nikki Giovanni-type role (i.e., poet.) If you're a regular listener, you'll recognize at least a few bits of the poem as sample fodder... A warning: I believe in this track, but it's a bit of dropping you in the deep end--there's some avante-garde sections. I lighten up a bit with the next track, originally from the musical Hair "Easy To Be Hard" by Three Dog Night is mellower as is "You Showed Me" by The Turtles. You should probably recognize more samples in both of these tracks. "A Night In Tunisia (DJ Jazzy Jeff Remix)" by Duke Jordan is the funkjazzical closer for this show. I really love that DJ Jazzy Jeff has been getting his due of late minus "The Fresh Prince" (aka Will Smith)--did you know that Jeff invented "The Chirp" scratch? Here's something to let you know what Jeff can do on the wheels. Notice the way the other DJ (DJ AM, R.I.P.) takes his records off his set of turntables at one point... (Not Safe for Work or little ones)

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