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Thursday, February 11, 2010

All Over The Place (Something Else! on for 2/11/10)

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Our trip begins with the usual "Something Else! Intro" leading us into hiphop classic "Body Rock (Radio Mix)" by Mos Def, Tash & Q-Tip from the first Lyrical Lounge collection. Mos Def gets regular love on this show, like Q-Tip (usually, with his former group A Tribe Called Quest,) but this might be a first for Alkaholiks alumnus Tash. The next track is a rather obscure classic that features two famous parties doing things other than what made them famous. The MC is a famous graffiti artist and the support is provided by a famous English punk band: "The Escapades (Dub)" by Futura 2000 feat. The Clash. "Simon's Groove" by Sweet Dick Willy is a French dancefloor rocker that precedes the ascendance of Daft Punk and is a bit more hiphop flavored than "daft" filtered-house. Changing it up a bit, we go to a classic reggae track that became the basis for many dancehall tunes later on (and recalls a bit of a groove that The Clash used for their cover of "Armagideon Time") "Real Rock" by Sound Dimension. "Love for You" by Niko Belloto & Pawel Kobak vs. Roland Clark from Dimitri from Paris In The House makes reference to the next song, "Dr. Love" by First Choice. When I discovered it on Salsoul Essentials, I had to hear it and found it to be a soulful disco track in the tradition of the best Salsoul music. "Angels Never Fall In Love" by Common Ground I used to own on 10" single and played it many times in the late 90s. Although I owned Saint Etienne's first album Foxbase Alpha, "Like a Motorway (Chekov Warp Dub by The Dust Brothers)" was new to me. The Dust Brothers responsible for this remix are the UK guys who (for legal reasons) are now known as The Chemical Brothers (Tom & Ed!) I believe I've mentioned before that I prefer their work made under the earlier moniker (like this one.) When I still lived in LA there was a DJ working around town doing various different Latin-themed projects (nights, productions, etc) known as "The Mexican Dubwiser." I always liked the idea of toying with the name of one of the most famous beers in the world (mostly because I hate that particular beer and think the swapping two letters to form a different word is clever.) He has a compilation of cumbia-themed tracks posted online and made sure that I got one. "Porra Caguamera (Mexican Dubwiser & Toy Selectah Mashup)" by Policarpo Calle is an example of what you're in for if you download the collection... You know I love dub, right? Enjoy "Wickedness Increased (Spectre's Seven Deadly Sins Remix)" by Unitone Hi-Fi. The next track is something I've heard sampled a million times and finally discovered the source. "The Trip" by Timothy Leary is from an album named after his most famous phrase Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out. Dr. Leary was considered a bit of an LSD guru in the 1960s and is the voice narrating in this piece. "Intro" by Ian Pooley is from his album Meridian which features dance smash "What's Your Number?" More trippy atmosphere from the closing songs, "Shame (Hakan Lidbo Stockholm Dub Remix)" by Q-Burns Abstract Message (featuring the amazing vocals of Lisa Shaw) and "Adios" by Weather Report from early album Sweetnighter.
This weekend is Carnaval in Sitges, so there are many themed happenings. Don't be surprised if next week's show is influenced by all of this...
Enjoy the music!

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