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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jazzamatazz (Something Else! on for 2/18/10)

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"Something Else! Intro," our usual beginning goes into the smooth, "Level Green (Alternate Version)" by Hefner, a dinner-licious track. In the USA, the French group Air (who legally had to change their name in the USA to "Air French Band" since there was a jazz group from the 70s known as Air) domestic debut album was called Moon Safari. It contained some vocal re-workings of tracks from their actual debut, the Premiers SymptĂ´mes EP (initially only available as an import,) and some new material. After the success of Moon Safari in the States they released the EP domestically of their first material including the version of "Modular Mix" in this show. Bristol music fan that I am, I initially bought the single containing the next track for the More Rockers d&b remix of Alpha's "Hazeldub" but I realized that "With (Underdog Remix)" is not so bad either! Since this track has an old-school hiphop vibe it seemed appropriate to follow it with "Zulu War Chant (Funky Remix)" by Afrika Bambaata presents Time Zone as Bambaata is one of the hiphop innovators! He's most known for "Planet Rock" but as this shows, he's done a few other tracks worth listening to. There's a jazz label from the 70s (unfortunately, they're not around anymore) called Strata East. Some amazing people recorded for them like the following two artists, Stanley Cowell & Gil Scott-Heron. I love the vibe and sound of their music which ranges from straight-ahead jazz, to funky stuff, to mellow and thoughtful tracks like "Travelling Man" by Stanley Cowell (who plays both instruments on the track--electric piano and kalimba, aka african thumb piano) and "Peace Go With You Brother" by Gil Scott-Heron. "When 6 Love 9" by Only Child begins a mini-set of 90s classics including "The Plan (et Mix)" by Outside, "Come Clean (Radio Edit)" by Jeru The Damaja, "Boon Dox" by Q-Ball & Curt Cazal (for the hiphop heads, Curt used to be in JVC Force) and "Tennessee (Pirate Radio Mix)" by Arrested Development. Wrapping up are two familiar names doing some funky jazz, Bob James with his version of a Ray Charles classic "One Mint Julep" and Quincy Jones with the short but sweet "I Heard That." "I Heard That" was only available as a b-side to "Stuff Like That" or on a compilation of his music also called I Heard That!

I believe I mentioned previously, that Gil Scott-Heron was due for an album release this year. As I was preparing this show I was sent a couple of promo tracks from his album called I'm New Here!

Lots of new music next week!

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