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Thursday, May 13, 2010

New & DITC (Something Else! for 5/13/10 on WTNR

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The "Something Else Intro" begins another wild & wooly trip through my music collection, an audio safari, if you will... First up, "The Beast" by Palmskin Productions is something I'd heard remixes of for years, but had never heard the original until unearthing an early Mo'Wax collection. The following track I knew from an acid-jazz collection on L.A.'s underground music label Moonshine, but "Stickman Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge" is also on Brooklyn Funk Essentials' debut album Cool and Steady & Easy along with their great (and much remixed) version of Pharaoah Sander's classic, "The Creator Has a Master Plan." Speaking of remixes, the next track is from a remix album by Dubmatix, a great Canadian artist who makes dub, drum & bass and other related styles--"Blessings of Compassion Featuring Alton Ellis (Dubmatix - 70s Funk remix)" by Dubmatix Meets Nate Wize. "Dub Y Guaguanco" by Flowering Inferno is yet another amazing number from one of Colombia's (by way of Brighton, UK) greatest artists today--Quantic. "Atchêgbê" by Michel Pinheiro is another bit of salsa picante, but this time from Africa, not Latin America--thank Akwaaba music for this discovery. "Boogalow" by The Gigoletto Brass Band comes to us courtesy of Lovemonk Music, based in Madrid. Motherland of another sort, I'd say... The next track is a non-guilty pleasure, "Senorita" by Justin Timberlake. I can't feel guilty for liking Justin, he can sing! Thanks Markman for turning me on to this one.
More blue-eyed soul comes from an old favorite of mine, Lewis Taylor's "Whoever." Keeping it classic, the hip-house track "Let The Rhythm Pump" by Doug Lazy starts out a house mini-set. Chicago is pretty much agreed upon as the "birthplace" of house music. The legend goes that it is named after the music played at "The Warehouse" which featured NYC transplant DJ Frankie Knuckles, who was recommended by DJ legend Larry Levan who went on to create the "garage" scene (named for his music selection during his residency at the Paradise Garage--the genre UK garage makes reference to this with its name.) Part of the Chicago house scene was a label called DJ International, which featured many tracks of the style which came to be known as "hip-house," that is to say, house music with MCs rapping in place of the usual soul or gospel-styled singers. Given that house and hip-house have a long association with Chicago, I was surprised to learn that Doug Lazy is actually from Washington, DC. We follow up with "Man With A Jam Plan feat Rubber Johnson (Discofari Remix)" by All Good Funk Alliance, another act associated with the Washington scene that has house & hiphop elements to their work. The next track was given to me by Will Sumsuch who I also featured last week. In "Believe in Something (Sumsuch Remix)" by Greymatter & Heidi Vogel, the vocalist (Heidi) has some of the same vocal qualities I've always enjoyed about acid jazz vocalist Carleen Anderson (former member of Young Disciples and daughter of Vicki Anderson of James Brown's group.) Heidi has worked with many groups/artists featured on this show including: Zero dB, Likwid Biscuit, Quango and New Sector Movements. We wrap up this week with "Flying Pigs" by Kahuun, a jazzy house number. I don't know too much about them right now, but I like some of what I've heard and you can expect to hear other tracks by them here...
Enjoy and catch you next week!

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