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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Springing Back... (Something Else! 5/6/10 for

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Took a bit of a break there... The station (WTNR) gives us a few weeks off at the end of each season, so I did a show in April, although I could have taken the month off... Back to "the grind" starting this week and I've got lots of great stuff to share! Some new stuff, some classics and a few originals! I've been busy in the beat-studio with my buddy Maxey Blaze and we're coming up with stuff that we'll be sharing with you over the weeks and months...

As always the "Something Else! Intro" starts us off before diving into the music new to the show.

"Days Gone By (Egyptology)" by Moe Kauffman is a lovely jazz track with luscious strings and and a memorable melody--especially if you're a Jill Scott fan as I am. Another group I'm fond of and have featured before is 4 Hero, an important group for modern electronic music like acid-jazz and especially drum & bass and broken beat. They have worked with Jill Scott as well, but I mention them because one of their side projects is an homage to sample source music and this group, Visioneers, has covered "Days Gone By" as well. While we're on the subject of familiar music, "The Love I Lost (DFP Edit)" by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes has always been a popular showcase for the vocal stylings of lead vocalist Teddy Pendergrass but the re-edit that Dimitri From Paris done is a taster for his new compilation Get Down With The Philly Sound featuring the Philadelphia disco sound. It is timely in a sad way, as we lost Teddy last year. Keeping it uptempo but getting a bit more "raw," Saravah Soul's "Alforria (Album Version)" takes us "back to the motherland," musically speaking, with some afrobeat in a Fela Kuti vibe. I am a long-time fan of UK hiphop and am very excited about the release of Special Kind of Fool which includes "Me" feat. Eric Rico by Ty! This track manages to be musical and yet display Ty's unique sensibility and wordplay. "Latneiro (Woob's Sunrise Dub)" by Journeyman is a track I was turned onto years ago thanks to the Bud Brothers (Freddy Be & Mick Cole) of Monday Night Social in L.A. who put out a compilation called Stoned, Chilled Groove containing mellow goodness mixed by Coldcut & Strictly Kev, and now most of the tracks can be purchased on iTunes. Keeping it mellow, but upping the tempo a bit, "Latenight Bypass (Manoo Remix)" by Will Sumsuch was sent to me by the artist himself. Mr. Sumsuch made a trip to Barcelona and we actually got to meet and hang out a bit! Will is from Brighton in the UK, home to labels Skint, Catskills and Tru Thoughts among others. Turns out, in addition to the deep house sounds featured on this week's show, he's also done downtempo and has a great love of hiphop! He told me some great stories of working with some of the classic djs and mcs of US old-skool hiphop and here's a link to his label Latenite Lounging. The next track is one made by my new production partner Maxey Blaze that he included me on, "Cool Bring It In" by Los Chicos Altos. Maxey came in with this bouncy beat and a really cool bassline... Btw, the speaking in the middle is us (me & Maxey, respectively.) This week's closer is from a producer in South Africa, who happened to start following me on Soundcloud. I always check out what people who follow me do and fortunately, "NGIVUMELE" ft Dj Rude Boy Paul by DJ SBU-1-ZN was something that really connected with me! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

See you next week!

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