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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Brooklyn To Bristol (Something Else! on Wtnr for 6/3/10)

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As always, the Something Else! Intro starts us off. "Pools" by Steps Ahead is a song I've loved for a long time. All amazing musicians on this track--Eliane Elias, talented brazilian jazz pianist (and vocalist,) her brother-in-law (legendary saxophonist and studio musician Michael Brecker,) bassist Eddie Gomez (another legend with credits too long to list,) vibraphonist Michael Mainieri and drummer Peter Erskine (Weather Report, Jaco Pastorius Big Band, singer/songwriter Prema, etc.) Although Eddie gets plenty of chances to show his chops, I like that the initial melody is played by the bass, recalling the Miles Davis signature tune "So What." It's jazzy & funky with interesting textures and the only electric instrument in sight is the vibraphone... "Respiration (Flying High Mix)" by Mos Def & Talib Kweli as "Black Star" continues the jazz & funk vibes adding a bit of vocals, both singing and rapping--Talib Kweli provides the main rap and Mos Def accentuates with sung vocals and rapping a bit later in the tune. After that, we hop "across the pond" to Bristol in the UK for the rest of the show. "Angel (Blur Remix)" is brought to us by one of Bristol's most famous groups, Massive Attack. Although Jon Kennedy is not as well known as the Massive crew, he's not exactly obscure either having recorded for a few labels well known to fans of this show: Tru Thoughts and Grand Central. He started out in Manchester, but now lives in Bristol.

"Suck My Sound Mix" by Jon Kennedy

Beastie Boys "Can't Won't Don't Stop" (iced coffee) new version instrumental (white)
Jon Kennedy - "Anything you choose" (tru thoughts)
Tokimonsta - "Let Me Trick You" (ramp)
Jon Kennedy - "Lovesick" (organik recordings)
Jimmy Screech - "Let's Get Moving" (banana clan)
KRS Jon vs Bob Marley - "Mr Brown" (organik recordings)
Beatsy Collins - "Holler" (white)
Jon Kennedy - "You're My Millions" (organik recordings)
House Of Pain - "Heart Full Of Sorrow" (tommy boy)
Jon Kennedy - "Sit Tight" (organik recordings)
D Bridge - "Reversible Top"(exit)
Calibre - "Can't Stop This Fire" (bassbin)
Calibre - "fire & water" (soul:r)
Chris Energy - "music is" (unknown)
General Electrics - "facing that void" (compost records)
Placebo - "Balek" (cbs)
Jon Kennedy - "Boom Clack" (organik recordings)
Manzel "It's Over Now" (dopebrother)
Brothers Johnson - "strawberry letter 23" (a&m records)
Madkap - "Proof Is In The Pudding" Proof Remix (rca)
Jigmastas - "Dead Mans Walk" (beyond real recordings)
Jon Kennedy - "Demons" (organik recordings)

Enjoy and more soon...

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