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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More New Stuff in the Bag... (Something Else! on WTNR for 6/17/2010)

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I mentioned in the blog entry about the show before this one that there were several tunes that you would hear other mixes of or different songs from the same collection soon--this is the week for that. "Something Else! Intro" leads into "The Language of the Flame" another track from Georgia Anne Muldrew's (as "Jyoti") new album Ocotea. Fat Freddy's Drop is no stranger to this show and this week I feature "Big BW (Butterfish Black Remix.)" Everyone has heard a cover or remix of Bob Marley's music, so it's not a particularly new idea. SevDee has done an album's worth of Marley remixes and some of them are quite good--like "Wait In Vain" (artist billed as Bob Marley & The SevWailers.) Switching gears slightly, A wonderful surprise showed up in the musical blogosphere, "Learnin' To Fly" by Dj Day feat. Miles Bonny & Nate McKoy. The best part is the person who uploaded it was Dj Day, the artist! Although he says he's stepping away from this sound, I hope he either: 1. has a change of heart or 2. blows us away with "the next thing" so we'll be glad he decided to move on... Next up is "Conclusion" by Dj Spinna, the closing track from his Heavy Beats Vol. 1. There's a few MCs on the collection, but most of my favorite tracks are instrumentals. "Ego Trip By Nikki Giovanni" is Blackalicious' tribute to the poet and educator who first came to fame in the 70s. "Release Da Freak feat. Colonel Red (Simbad Remix)" is another Pablo Sanchez track and this one is a bit more clubby than the previous show's "Sunstar feat. Kissey Asplund." "Back Home" doubles up on the Colonel Red vocal features, this time courtesy of artist Chocolate Puma. "Clap Your Hands (Prince Vince Remix)" is actually my favorite version of the Sia track, but Diplo's was the first I was familiar with. Another version of "Next Best Thing" by Nikki & Rich this week, this time it's the Trent Mazur Remix which leads well into "Rockstar 101 (Dave Aude Remix)" by Rihanna. Downshifting for the closer, we also switch up to a more mediterranean sound, "Taqasim on the Beat" by Simon Shaheen--legendary middle-eastern string virtuoso.
More new stuff coming up in the next show along with the usual classics or obscurities...

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