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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two of a Kind (Something Else! for 9/30/10)

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Something Else! Intro leads us into the first of several pairs of genre-related tracks... Canadian bassist Roberto Occhipinti has an interesting past: comes from a musical family (brother and cousin to two guitarists, Michael & David,) he is classically trained, has worked with several orchestras, studied with Dave Young (acclaimed jazz bassist,) worked in latin jazz with saxophonist Jane Bunnett’s Spirits of Havana and Hilario Duran (expatriate Cuban jazz pianist,) co-founded NOJO (Neufeld-Occhipinti Jazz Orchestra) and has been involved in two Damon Albarn projects (Gorillaz & Mali Music.) His "A Bend in the River" is a lovely piece of music that shows the jazz and classical influences from his past. Next up "the second most-played song on radio and television of the 20th century" according to BMI, "Never My Love." The innovative jazzy cover of The Association's 1967 hit as performed by Jon and Lynn is an unusual duet--bass and vocal, respectively. Going latin for a couple, "Rhythm Express" by Rhythm Express picks up the pace, perfectly setting up Tito Puente Jr's "Yo No Me Quejo" (feat Kevin Ceballo,) a proper salsa work-out. Although the next artist is usually associated with latin jazz, this track is actually a disco tune. Some might characterize this as a "sell-out" tune, but to me, good music is never selling out! Enjoy Mongo Santamaria's "Hey, You Sexy Thing." Disco track number two is from The Soul Of Disco Vol. 1 a collection by Joey Negro & Sean P (who know a little something about disco,) Sandi Havens' "Happy." For those of us who remember early hiphop, there is still a connection between it and disco--remember "Rapper's Delight" is based on Chic's huge disco hit "Good Times." I can't say that it is as evident in the next two tracks, but hiphop often has a connection to what is going on in "dance music" (i.e., electronic music.) De La Soul has had official remixes done in both house and uk garage styles, but this is the album version from their debut 3 Feet High and Rising--"Plug Tunin' (Last Chance to Comprehend.)" Following, a gem of 90s hiphop--Main Source's "Just Hangin' Out" from the same album as "Looking At The Front Door," Breaking Atoms. Reggae and hiphop have a long-standing connection as well--Kool Herc, inventor of the breakbeat, is a Jamaican transplant. There are many other connections, but I won't get into them now. Dubmatix, a Canadian producer featured last week gives us "Wobble Weeble" featuring Kulcha Ites and leads into New Zealand's flagship reggae/dub group,
Fat Freddy's Drop with "The Raft (Stepper's Dub.)" The next tune is a bit of a treat (and exclusive,) Los Chicos Altos' "All That Jazz (House Mix.)" There is another version of this tune that I may play in the following weeks, but right now it is making the rounds as a demo. Closing out the show is Reel People's "Outta Love feat. Omar (Souled Bootleg Remix.)" As you probably know, I love Omar's voice! Reel People have made more than a few classics, including "The Light" and Souled has made a remix of Erykah Badu's "Honey" that is in constant rotation in my restaurant/downtempo sets. Winner all the way around, no?
Enjoy the music and see you soon!

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