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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome To The New Year (Something Else! for 01/01/2011)

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Something Else! Intro starts our first show of the year leading into a nod to recent worldwide festivities, "New Year's Countdown" courtesy of Shy FX (featuring Donae'o) does a bit of a surprise, as the jungle/drum & bass master goes roots reggae for the remix of his own tune "Raver (Shy's Guinness Punch Mix.)" You download the whole EP for free from his online label Digital Soundboy, which is also responsible for a great track from last year that appears later in the set. Local favorites here in Catalunya, La Troba Kung Fu, are up next with their tribute to the capital, "Barcelona." If you listen closely, at the beginning of the track there is the sound of a metro taking off from a stop and a moment later the little melody that precedes the announcement of each stop--kind of clever, no? Meanwhile back in Philly, King Britt presents Sylk 130 gives us "Incident On A Couch Pt2 Feat James Poyser - Re-Member's Only" from the great compilation Saturn Never Sleeps Sampler #2. Like its namesake, the music tends to be a bit "out there," yet beautiful, like the planet with its famous rings. I've featured the music of Maddslinky (aka Zed Bias) before and this new track that features vocalist Tawiah, "Further Away (Radio Edit Full Vocal)" is something else I think you'll enjoy. Great vocals by Tawiah and good track as always from Maddslinky. Don't hesitate to check out more of his work with one of our favorite labels, Tru Thoughts. Next up, I love the way that Plan B's "Prayin' (Breakage Remix)" perfectly captures the tension in the lyrics and still manages to "bump." Sex-O-Sonique's classic "I Thought It Was You (Salt City Orchestra's "Herbie Rides Again" Remix)" is a dancefloor friendly revamp of a Herbie Hancock track where he "sings" with the aid of a vocoder--a device used to give vocal properties to his keyboard. Speaking of classic, Spring Strut artist XIV gives us "Return To The Classics," an acid-jazz track with some nice breaks, samples and trumpet melodies. By the way, expect a release on Spring Strut soon featuring Los Chicos Altos (Maxey Blaze and yours truly.) One of our remixes is up next, Appietus featuring 4X4 "Miss Doctor (Los Chicos Altos Mix)" an artist from another label we like, Akwaaba. If you dig African music, on their site there is a mix of music from their catalog by reknown Dj Zhao.
Speaking of stuff we like, "Whisky" is one of the new offerings from favored producer Seiji! Bass music at its finest and offerred for free on his website. He has a few two-track singles available for purchase for the nice price of 1 GBP each (nice currency conversion website here.) Keeping it bass-heavy, Digital Soundboy artist Donae'o brings us his "Riot Music (Shy FX Radio Mix.)" Definitely check out the video below, great editing job! Back in the 90s, the following song became an anthem for fans of jungle/drum & bass and is appropriately titled "Junglist." This artist has been part of this scene since the early days of the music, Rebel Mc Feat Peter Bouncer "Junglist (Original Mix)" -- maybe warn the neighbors, this is SERIOUS bass... Closing is a personal favorite, but it's a bit "raw" as stated in the intro (not for the easily offended.) Redman is from Newark, NJ and he embraces the (dubious) reputation of his home known as "Brick City." He's not a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, but he's associated with them for the most part because he often makes music with Method Man and they even did a film together called How High. The plus is that this track was made/remixed by another favorite artist of mine, Roni Size of Reprazent/Full Cycle/Dope Dragon fame. Enjoy Redman's "I Got A Secret (Remix.)"

More new music soon!

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