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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Latin, Wind & Fire (Something Else! on Wtnr for 2/10/11)

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Straight outta Brighton comes a new track, "Simmer Down," released on Valentine's Day, 14th February on 7” vinyl and download. It is the first single from Nostalgia 77’s long-awaited fourth studio album, The Sleepwalking Society, featuring the vocals of German singer Josa Peit. With the live instrumentation and laid-back feel, it segues effortlessly into jazz keyboardist Gene Harris' "Theme for Relana" which sounds reminiscent of Ramsey Lewis' "Sun Goddess." Given that along with the cream of Los Angeles' studio musicians making an appearance on the album (e.g. Chuck Rainey, James Gadson, Harvey Mason & Lee Ritenour) there are also Verdine White, Phillip Bailey and Al McKay of Earth Wind & Fire, who also appeared on Sun Goddess, the connection is more than coincidental. Next up is the other side of the single featured last week by the Shaolin Afronauts, "Journey Through Time." More afrobeat goodness... Switching gears, we check in with Joe Driscoll via his track "Location (Jon Kennedy mix.)" Jon takes this track from a seemingly singer/songwriter-acoustic-guitar realm into funky bassline & breakbeat territory. As a drummer, DJ and former artist on Grand Central (founded by Mark Rae of Rae + Christian) Jon would know something about funk & breaks. In the vein of something that might have come out on Grand Central, Ancient Astronauts' "Worldwide" sits well following Jon's remix. Going back a few years, Delinquent Habits' first single is next "Tres Delinquentes (Cubano remix - Spanish.)" I've always been a fan of the original version of this tune, but I just discovered the remix featured here--I think it's very well done. Keeping the Cuban influence upfront, I follow up with another hiphop tune from "back the day" that I haven't heard in years,
Hen Gee & Evil E's "Hermana Tan Linda." The latin music on this track is played by live musicians :Arranged By - Gerardo Velez, Bass - Rubén Rodriguez, Congas - Bobby Allende, Drums - Joseph Cintron, Jr., Keyboards - Ricardo Gonzales, Saxophone - Jay Rodriguez, Timbales - Marc Quinones, Trombone - Peter McGuinness, Trumpet - Charlie Sepulveda and Voice - Liza Z. Although there's pumping latin percussion, Mr. B.I.R.D. injects a bit more funk into the recipe with "Dr. B's $ Bills." The with the exception of Smoove's remix of this track, the other tunes from the EP Mr Bird Vs Dr B E.P. HDB08 tend to be more funk-oriented. Next we downshift a bit with a dubbed-out remix, Massive Attack's "Group Four (Mad Professor Remix.)" After all the collaborations, influences and such we get to an actual track by Earth Wind & Fire, "Zanzibar" from Keep Your Head To The Sky. It's a bit of a sonic trip, 13 minutes of a cover of Edu Lobo, but quite enjoyable. They seem to have been pretty big fans of Brazilian music, having covered "Brazilian Rhyme" by Milton Nasciemento a few years later. The closer this time is by one of my favorite acid-jazz acts from the Dorado label, Outside. "If You Come With Me" has always been a favorite track from the first album, Almost In.
If you are in the Barcelona area this Saturday night, Feb. 12, do NOT miss the Los Chicos Altos event Urban World Social Club Barcelona, done in collaboration with Al Lindrum (aka Love Avalanche) and Urban World Records. It is from 11pm to 3pm at La Bodega Del Onze on C/ Blai 8, in Barcelona's Poble Sec, Metro L2/L3 @ Parallel. More information available on our Facebook page, click here.

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