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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Motherland (Something Else! on Wtnr for 2/3/11)

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We start off with our first of a few Afro-influenced tracks, "Kibo" courtesy of new signing to Freestyle label, Shaolin Afronauts. I personally am quite pleased to see the resurgence of groups with music directly based on African sounds. Going back in time a bit, the next track is by a group responsible for TV show themes (e.g., "S.W.A.T.", "Barretta's Theme [Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow]") but this one is a cover of a movie theme, Rhythm Heritage's "3 Days of the Condor"--the original is by Dave Grusin, who scored the film. Their cover is a little bit funkier than the original. Speaking of cover versions, turns out that Eddie Russ' "See The Light" is a cover of Earth Wind & Fire! It's not his only cover as he has a version of "Don't Ask My Neighbors" the Emotions song which was originally produced by and featured members of, you guessed it--Earth Wind & Fire. Once again we return to the sound of "The Motherland," Africa with Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra's "Sankofa (ft Testament of Homecut.)" Although many of us tend to associate this sound with western Africa's Nigeria, it is also quite prominent in Ghana as well--as indicated by Testament's verses. Although "On My Knees For You" by Red is 'latin' sounding, the rhythms are the evolution of music brought over from Africa during the colonization of the Americas. This track and the preceding one are from a great free sampler Two Syllables Vol. 5 Keeping latin, we check in with Stereo 77 and the track "Sin Pena" from the forthcoming compilation Latin Flavored Fire on the Spring Strut label. As mentioned on my last blog entry, (as a member of Los Chicos Altos) I will have the honor of Djing with Al Lindrum (aka Love Avalanche) at the next Urban World Social Club Barcelona. The next track is by Al Lindrum & His Magic Hat, is called "Hide & Seek" and is available from Urban World Records. LA folks who are into underground hiphop should know the name DJ Drez. He has worked with numerous names in that world such as Living Legends, Bahamadia and Aceyalone. DJ Drez and Trae Sevn on "Saturn Movment feat. Steve White" incorporate more "world music" influences (jamaican dancehall, bhangra) and jazz elements. The next track takes some of those elements and takes them up a notch... Phuture Motion's "Tu No Sabes Nada (Andy H Remix)" has the "bogle beat" & big bass of dancehall pumped up West London-style (think Bugz In The Attic) with bi-lingual lyrics (English/Spanish!) Another track from Two Syllables... While we're in the neighborhood of something with a London sound, Late Night Alumni's "It's Not Happening (Original Mix)" has the sound & groove of some classic UK garage that one might have heard at a classic London event like Twice as Nice--fat bass, pumping beat. Hansi's "Brazilian Groove" goes a bit summery house, heating things up again from the compilation Latin Flavored Fire. We wrap up with another Urban World Records track that has a slightly different Brazilian vibe--baile funk. Mo Fire bat "clean up" with "Baile Do Mau Mau (Savages y Suefo Shuffle.)"

Do NOT miss your next opportunity to hear this music at a great party! Los Chicos Altos (T-Bird & Maxey Blaze) + Al Lindrum (aka Love Avalanche) on deck; Urban World Social Club Barcelona Saturday, February 12 @ Bodega Del Onze: C/ Blai 8, Poble Sec, Barcelona 08004

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