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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Raving Newness (Something Else! on for 2/24/11)

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This week is a fun one, lots of new stuff and a few "rave classics." While it's definitely exciting to get new music, there's a different thrill to re-discovering old music--kind of like running into a friend you haven't seen in years. From the appropriately named Chillin' Music, we start off with their artist Jeff Vylonis. Jeff's beautiful track "Creature" has 3 variants, the original, Ernesto & Slac's Remix plus J-Boogie's Remix, which I selected for this show. All of the versions are great! Catskills Records' Husky Rescue seems to be doing quite well and the new track "Fast Lane" shows why--it's a really good song. Check out this "official" video (I use quotes because it seems to cut off half-way through the song.) Like the preceding number, it has some great remixes along with the original. Black Grass' Refix gets the nod this week, but expect to hear the awesome dubstep take by 2-Bit Thugs soon! I'm not sure if the next track is even signed yet, but thanks to my friend Will Sumsuch, you get to hear The Self-Help Group's "Tillie's Dream (Sumsuch Remix)" hot off the presses! He tells me that Tim Bongos (legendary Brighton percussionist) is in the group, but really Will did the remix because he dug the lyrics. Up next, Quantic's "Un Canto A Mi Tierra (J-Boogie Remix.)" Whatever J-Boogie has been doing lately has been working for me, this is the 2nd remix by him in this show. By the way, if you're in North America check to see if Quantic will be playing near you soon! He's got a tour happening and along with making great music he's, no slouch at spinning good tunes. Last year I went to the holiday party of fashion juggernauts Desigual and met Ramon Santana of Los Chicharrons. They have a new album on Tim "Love" Lee's Tummy Touch label called Roots Of Life. They do Afro-Latin influenced dance music and "Timbuktu" is the first of several tunes I will be playing from the album. Keeping it Afro & Latin, Dirty Dubsters' "Down In Africa (Danny Massure Remix)" follows up in the Afro vibe while we go samba-style with Farrapo & Yanez ft Botecoeletro "Oliveto (Thykier Remix.)" The full EP for "Oliveto" is available April 8th and features the original and remixes, including one from Los Chicos Altos! Luis Beyra's "Aceite Agua (Soy una Guagua) Remix" turns up the energy a bit and gets us ready for our "rave mini-set." The next three tracks are definitely classics of the rave scene and still manage to sound good, Altern 8's "Evapor8 (Inciner8 mix,)" Human Resource's "The Complete Dominator (Beltram mix)" and SL2's "On A Ragga Tip." I'm sure that at least one of these was influential on
Shy Fx, who pays tribute to this time with anthem "Raver (Original.)" We close up a bit like we began, on the mellow tip with Bobby C Sound TV's "Rendezvous Avec Moi." This artist on Cold Busted gives us a "stone groove" as the late Barry White might say...

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