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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back & Forth (Something Else! on Wtnr for 3/3/2011)

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This show starts off with Nostalgia 77's "Skin & Bones" - a new tune with a bit of a "throwback" feel. Sounds like something that could have been on Blue Note alongside Lonnie Smith or Big John Patton. Next up is music from the 70s, David Sancious' musical remembrance of the US Civil War with "March of the Conditioned Souls/War of the Souls." He does an interesting thing with weaving a minor key reference to "Dixie"--a song associated with the Confederate States. "Angels & Angles" is from Late Night Alumni, a group featuring producer Kaskade. A moody piece with a reference to Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," it's neat how it has a dual lead vocal (male/female)--something that I don't think is done nearly enough these days. "Brown Paper Bag (Roni Size Full Vocal Remix)" is a classic drum & bass track that I had the pleasure of seeing performed live when Roni Size/Reprazent did their USA tour for New Forms with the major players in the Full Cycle camp (Roni Size, DJ Krust, DJ Die & SUV) on their own computer, Die & SUV on turntables and percussion respectively, MC Dynamite, Onalee on vocals AND a live rhythm section of double bass & drumset! Last show had the J-Boogie remix of "Creature" by Jeff Vylonis and this show features the Ernesto and Slac remix. Again, nice laid-back stuff from Chillin' Music. DJ Vadim (remixed by Killa Kela) is up next with Sarah Jones on the mic and a critique of hiphop's troubled relationship with women. In a bit of irony, "Your Revolution" managed to be banned by the FCC for "indecency." I'm happy to report that there was a legal case contesting the ban that succeeded in its goal of lifting the radio ban of the track. "Ma-Do-Nar (Remix)" is another track from the new album by Los Chicharrons, Roots Of Life. The group uploaded a 30 minute mix to that's really worth checking out, Los Chicharrons Afro DJ mix (Jan 11.) Maddslinky's "Ruled By Your Motions" follows with the warm bass that he's known for under his various aliases (e.g., Zed Bias.) Next up, a true classic, the title cut from Lee Morgan's Cornbread. The name of the track clues you into the tasty soul-jazz cut you're in for. Abstract Truth's "Get Another Plan" is next with a remix from Flytronix that goes from downtempo to the D&B sound he's generally known for. We close up with Dorothy Ashby's "Come Live With Me" from her legendary rare-groove album Afro Harping, something that should be in everyone's collection.

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