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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jazz In The House (Something Else! 9/28/11 for Wtnr

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Starting the show off is the new cut "Fingerlero" by George Benson, definitely one of the greats!  This is from his new album from this year released October 4th called Guitar Man--appropriate name, no?  By the way, you can get your own high-quality mp3 of the track by clicking here.  Heading back a few years, we follow with "Run To The Sun" by N.E.R.D. off their debut album In Search OfA jazzy house instrumental is next, "Rude Movements" by Sun Palace.  I found it on a compilation by one of the first modern DJs, David Mancuso presents The Loft.  Next up, "O.S.T." is a hiphop tune with a bit of ragga(muffin) vibes from hometown heroes (i.e., Los Angeles) People Under The Stairs featuring Odell.  More hiphop from the collection Blue Note Street, but this time with the latin jazz vibes of "Afrodisia" by Muro--covering Dr. Lonnie Smith.  Upshifting to more clubby sounds, "Power On Me" by Katy B is another from her album On A Mission.  "Want You Back" with funky grooves by Snug follows in the mix, from the compilation It's All House on Brighton, UK based label Public Recordings.  Latin flavors mixed in from "Pachacuti" by Soul Ascendents from another UK based label (this time London) the now defunct Nuphonic.  Keeping the London vibes, broken-beat masters Bugz In The Attic present Homecookin's "Stay Away" which wraps the uptempo part of the show.
Mellow track "Don't Stop Me Now" by Toto feat. Miles Davis eases us into the closer, "Vein Melter" by Herbie Hancock from classic jazz-funk album Headhunters.
A pretty jazzy mix, this time out...

Addendum: I incorrectly state that Muro was covering Dr. Lonnie Smith, in actuality it is a cover of Kenny Dorham's "Afrodisia" from a great album called Afro-Cuban.  The good doctor's track is the title track from album Afrodisia (note slightly different spelling.)  I should have realized the difference as Lonnie Smith's album is from the label Groove Merchant, not Blue Note.

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