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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue... (Something Else! for 10.13.11 on Wtnr

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Funny where you find breaks (as in "sample sources.")  The song I wanted to start with this week I was requested not to play until it is available for sale, "Heavy Right Hand" by Deep Street Soul on Freestyle Records.  Last minute substitution of "Wild Man On The Loose" by Mose Allison (I picked it because it was the same length and similar energy level) hipped me to it being a Herbaliser break! 
Speaking of breaks, I'd always thought that Funky Four + 1's "That's The Joint" was based on this tune, but it turns out the next tune in the show, "Rescue Me" by Taste Of Honey, is the source!  Seems the band famous for "Boogie Oogie Oogie" had something else going on as well...  "Rabba (Nickodemus Remix)" by Falu comes to us courtesy of NikkiLeaks.  Nickodemus is one of our favorite DJ/Producers and gives out quite a lot of free music from his Soundcloud page.  Another NYC DJ/Producer is Grandmaster Flash, hiphop legend from the old school.  "Superappin' #2" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five has influenced so much of what's come later, check out Jurassic 5 for evidence.  From his album My Spanish Heart, the next track "Armando's Rhumba" by Chick Corea is a tribute to his father--who turns out to have been a jazz trumpeter.  Back to the "sample sources," "Stalag 17" by Techniques All Stars should sound familiar to you as it is the root groove or "riddim" of many classic dancehall tracks such as Sister Nancy's "Bam Bam" and Tenor Saw's "Ring The Alarm."  From dub to dubstep...  Skream is well-known as a dubstep producer, but unlike a lot of the tracks associated with that genre, "Where You Should Be" is a proper song--with verses and choruses!  I've played the Shy Fx remix previously, but I wanted to show how with the original version Skream has managed to infuse this club-oriented music with some real emotion--in this case, heartbreak.  Stepping back into the 80s, "Remote Viewing" by Tangerine Dream is an example of sound-oriented music before it went all clubby.  Mixing electronic sounds and soul, "Don't You Know" by Jan Hammer reminds us what he did in the 70s before becoming a "soundtrack composer" (he is known by a whole generation as the composer for the hugely popular Miami Vice TV series in the 80s.)  The same album that brought us "Rockit" and introduced most folks for the first time to the concept of turntables as an instrument also contains one of my favorite tracks to use synchronization code as a musical element, "TFS" by Herbie Hancock.  Switching up from the electronics for a moment, virtuoso guitarist Al Di Meola (former collaborator of Chick Corea in Return To Forever) brings us "Short Tales Of The Black Forest."  Canada often has very interesting music happening, as evidence I present the next song, "Move Along" by Sarah Linhares.  It's great to hear new vocalists who I think of as highly-skilled as well.  Closing with a mellow classic that also features skilled vocals, "Feel," the title track of one of George Duke's 70s albums on German label MPS (Musik Produktion Schwarzwald or in English, Black Forest Music Production.)  There is a Steve Spacek remix of the track that I quite like, but this time the original was more the ticket...

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