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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Snowing! (Something Else! 2.2.12 for Wtnr

Things don't always go according to plan...  

The plan was that the show which you can stream/download below would be uploaded and ready to go by Feb 2, the same day I was flying off to do 3 gigs in Switzerland.  That turned out to be a very cold day in Barcelona (possible snow,) Basel, the city I was flying to (definitely snowing) and Biel/Bienne (also snowing,) the city I was playing that evening.  Suffice it to say that there were problems with the show.  I will blame it on the cold, even though the two are probably unrelated.

What there were not problems with were my gigs--woohoo!!

Thursday night, I had the honor of DJing at Bier-Bienne's bar, Poöc, ripping it up turntablist style with a mix of hiphop, funk & soul, acid-jazz, dancehall/reggae, latin and even a few rock joints!

Friday I returned to another bar I love spinning at, Grenzwert in Basel.  There was a great Thai restaurant I ate at before the gig--I will post the info later, but it is totally worth checking out.  Apparently, the spicy food inspired me to heat up the decks at the bar...  Later, I went to a proper club, Hinterhof, to check out some DJs: Tanner Ross (Wolf + Lamb, Double Standard, No. 19 | Boston, US,) Dejan (Cityfox | ZH,) Féline & Jaona (Bon Voyage, BS), Ed Luis (Absolute Records, BS.)  Regretfully, I missed the set of Féline & Jaona (aka brother/sister team of Danielle & John Bürgin) who had invited me to the show.  I enjoyed Tanner Ross' set of electro-funk & house, but really the person who set it off for me was the closer, Dejan from Zürich.  Nice fat basslines along with the thumping house beat...

Saturday I was honored to share the decks with the legendary Kat La Luna!  She's been a great friend to me and hooked me up with most of the folks I've played for in Switzerland.  It was nice to finally have a joint gig with her at Acqua, a great restaurant and lounge to play in.  We had dinner with close friends and then played some of our favorite tunes!  Afterwards, the manager, Steffi took us next door to Garage Club (formerly Acqua Annex) so we could see what the vibe was.  Dark, dirty house & techno--just the way it should be.  San Proper was on the decks and working the room like a madman!

Switzerland is always fun for me...

Stream or Download (Ctrl/Right-Click and "Save As")

Zeit ist knapp - Aphroe
Ona - Autoband
Amerykan Gypsy - Richard E Edits
Confusion - The Two Things in One
Something real (Red Astaire rmx 2002) - Omar
Art of Influence (Holmes Ives Mix) - Second Sky
Bandy Bandy (Nickodemus & Osiris Remix) - Zap Mama
The Great Pagoda of Funn - Donald Fagen
Camberwell Green - Mixmaster Morris Vs Jonah Sharpe
The Message (Roots Manuva) - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
One Of Those Days (Original Mix) - BadboE feat. MC Coppa

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