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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy People (Something Else! for 4/19/2012 on Wtnr

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Just returned from Köln, Germany a few days ago!  I was the guest of Kosta Kostov, host of Balkan Express.  I didn't actually play Balkan music (Kosta is from Bulgaria, so it would have been like "bringing coals to Newcastle...") I played an "Oriental" set--middle-eastern and Indian music, primarily--with touches of Mediterranean (Spanish & North-African.)  It was their 8th Anniversary Party so everyone was up for a good time!  I debuted a new track "Ofra," which is a tribute to Yemeni vocalist Ofra Haza who is most famously sampled in Eric B & Rakim's "Paid In Full (7 Minutes of  Madness Mix)" as remixed by Ninja Tune founders, Coldcut (Matt Black & Jonathon More.)  You can listen to or download the track here 

Here is a video from that night of my host Kosta "doing his thing..."

This week's show doesn't include any of the tunes I played in Köln, but it does feature some new music i got just before and after the trip.

Wandering Around (Original Mix) - Suburban Dream
The Meter feat Fantabis and Shaka Loveless (Superpendejos Remix) - Silver Bullit
The Happy People - Airto
Let God Come First - Azanaya
Mel Benson - Jessica Lauren Four
Dunia Djamou (Jose Marquez Remix) - Sali Sidibé
The Measure of My Worth (Lab 2 Remix) - Clarke
Put Your Graffiti On Me (Bimbo Jones Remix) - Kat Graham
Fly Bi - Teebone Feat MC Kie & MC Sparks
Show Me The Way (United Grooves Remix) - Vincent J Alvis
Caribbean Festival - Kool & The Gang

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