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Friday, August 3, 2012

Looking Around (Something Else! 8/2/12 for Wtnr

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"Look Around the Corner" feat. The Combo Barbaro by Quantic & Alice Russell get us started this week.  It's the title track of the new album by the renaissance man-band that is Quantic.  Alice Russell is co-billed on the album and definitely clocks in on the album.  It's a great mix of soul, latin & jazzy elements containing all of the various elements from previous albums by Mr. Quantic.  You can find it on his long-time label, Tru Thoughts.  "Bubbles" by Wah Wah Watson is from his album Elementary, although I was first introduced to the tune because of the version he did with Herbie Hancock on Man-Child.  "Waiting For You" by Flinch is one of the few examples of dubstep that I tend to like--very atmospheric and groove-oriented, like good dub music...  "Rebel Dub (feat. The Ubiquitous Dub Legitimizers)" by Wayne Lotek feat. Spikey Tee is a bit closer to modern dub and "The Road ft Horace Andy (Prod. Jack Baker)" by Lealea Jones hits the target dead-on.  The next tune, "Roll Call (Sumsuch Remix)" by Audio Analysts is something I heard at a recent gig with the man called Sumsuch.  More dub, a bit "housed-up" and available for sale August 28.  Keeping it house-y "4 The Music (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)" by Ricky Ryan & Ucleden is next up before dropping another gem from the studio from my Brighton buddy, "Street Market in London (Sumsuch Remix)" done for artist Dapple Apple and on sale August 16!  Another friend I've recently met who also makes music is Luis Espinoza, responsible for the closer to my "mini-set" of house music, "Late Night." As in the last show, I'm dropping another tune by New Zealand's Funkommunity, "What you give" from their Chequered Thoughts album available now on Melting Pot Music.  "Around The Corner" by Michael Maricle is from his album The Heart Found You on Invibe Music.  From Jon Kennedy's new label, Jon Kennedy Federation, comes Red Fox by Dopedemand including "Follow Me."  Closer this week features work from Köln's Ancient Astronauts on remix duties for Fat Albert Einstein &; Kabanjak, "Rail To Rail (Ancient Astronauts Remix.)"  If you like that track and happen to be going to Köln, see if you can find a place where Tom Strauch is spinning, you won't be disappointed!        

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