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Thursday, August 30, 2012

NOT-ting Hill Carnival (Something Else! on Wtnr for 8/30/12)

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So last night, I returned from my annual pilgrimage to Notting Hill Carnival in London.  While this set isn't really inspired by the music I heard there, I did purchase 99% of the CDs they are drawn from while in London and Brighton.  Since I like to share good stuff--especially music-oriented--I'll let you in on a few of my favorite stores in the UK, so far (there's always more to be found!)  The first place I went was in the middle of the Carnival area (I went a few days before): Honest Jon's. It's near the top of Portobello Road, which is kind of like Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, but a little less hippie.  The staff really know their music and you can always find interesting stuff there.  In Brighton, I really love Resident in "the laines."  Pleasant & knowledgeable staff and great prices--there's always classics and "things you missed" on sale.  While I was down there, I played a great gig with my Brighton connection and fellow DJ/Producer, Sumsuch at the legendary (infamous?) Fishbowl.  Definitely for the non-pretentious get-down crowd.  The next night, the order of the day was "disco breaks & dinner funk" for the Camden crowd at the cafe/performance venue, Inspiral Lounge.  Although the food there is raw/vegan, it's a lot tastier than that sounds to folks outside that scene.  I would recommend eating there to anyone, but ESPECIALLY to those who prefer raw/vegan-oriented places.  The music this week is my usual eclectic mix, enjoy and have something tasty before, during or after the set!

Aquarius (Underwater) - Waldeck
High Up On The Hook - Alice Russell
Who Comes To Boogie (Club Mix) - Little Benny & The Masters
In Time (Featuring Erik Dillard & Roy Ayers) - Richard Earnshaw
Rock Your Roll (Promo Mix) - Roy Ayers
Oboe - Jackie Mittoo
Su Suzy feat. The Combo Barbaro - Alice Russell & Quantic
Brotherhood - Cinematic Orchestra/Allenko Brotherhood Ens
Walk Away - Nitin Sawhney
Another Day - Los Chicos Altos

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