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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Elements (Something Else! on Wtnr for 12/6/12)

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After the Intro, I drop a nice instrumental I found on vinyl at "The DJ Shop" in Barcelona (one of the few left,) Discos Paradiso in the Raval.  They have an online store, but if you live here or come to visit, you MUST stop through--the staff are quite nice and the selection is very good!  Following that is an appropriately named track by a great producer I've only recently been turned onto (thanks to Nick Tichener,) Cuetec.  Soundcloud out of Berlin, Germany has really been a great way for DJs and producers to find each other and even listeners can join in the fun!  I highly recommend getting an account and searching for DJs, producers and even music labels you already like.  Sometimes there will be advance versions or free stuff for fans!  I'll get you started with pages for T-Bird, Maxey Blaze, Los Chicos Altos, UrbanWorld Records, Spring Strut Records and Wonderwheel RecordingsHot 8 Brass Band are definitely *hot* now, but if you're a regular listener you already know I love New Orleans music...  Adian Coker brings the UK Hiphop with the usual elements I dig, clever wordplay and a dancefloor-oriented beat!  Thanks to a remix by Yam Who? that I heard on Soundcloud, I was turned onto Genius Collective of Birmingham, UK (Brummies bringin' it!)  I chose to play the mellower original version of their tribute to countrywoman, "Stronger Than Me" a cover of Amy Winehouse.  You can download on their Bandcamp site here.  In addition to playing new music, I also like to "dig in the crates" for older tracks as well...  V.U. (for Variable Unit) is from Berkeley (SF Bay) label Wide Hive and I picked this from a compilation I received from them in '99
or '00.  Seems that there is a trend of making house tracks out of well-known hiphop samples, the example in this set being a "house-ification" of David McCallum's "The Edge," which was used for Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg's "The Next Episode."  Candi Staton had been working in dance music for many years but left to focus on gospel.  Now that dance music regularly incorporates gospel, she seems to have returned--good for us!  Along with a great groove, the message is uplifting in "Hallelujah Anyway."  The next track is the newest from Argentina's Ricky Ryan.  He is a heavyweight in the DJ world, having worked with folks like John DigweedSBU-1-ZN is another Soundcloud master, from South Africa.  As I told him when he had me listen to "Dig It," I feel this has "classic" written all over it!  I wind down the set a bit with Anakelly's jazzy take on the Peter Frampton classic "Show Me The Way."  The closing tune, however is a bit of a celebratory one--Earth Wind & Fire getting down from their classic album All 'N All which is 35 years old now!  I manage to sneak quite a bit of their music in my shows--they were super-influential on me as a youngster and musical person...  As a bit of a bonus, here's a link to an interview with Larry Dunn, a founding member and ex-keyboardist/musical director, about All 'N All and the group that made it.

Something Else! Intro - Dj T-Bird
Scribble - Yennah              
Soft Lights Sweet Music & You - Cuetec
Fine Tuner - The Hot 8 Brass Band
Airs & Graces - Adian Coker   
Stronger Than Me (Acoustic Tribute to Amy Winehouse) - Genius Collective
Minus One - V.U.
The Edge - Robosonic
Hallelujah Anyway (Larse Vocal) - Candi Staton
Lemon Aid (Can Costa Mix) - Ricky Ryan
Dig It (Deeper Vox Mix) - SBU-1-ZN  Feat. Lady Sloenna
Show Me The Way - Anakelly
Magic Mind - Earth, Wind and Fire

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