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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trans-National Beats (Something Else! on Wtnr for 2/28/13)

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Lots of good stuff this week, La Troba Kung-Fu gets remixed, Rick Wade and Wagner Pa represent Wonderwheel's forthcoming CD (March 19th,) Turntables On Las Ramblas!  New stuff from Artful (fka Artful Dodger) and a couple of hiphop/reggae mashups.  One of them features Madrid's DJ Bopgun flipping Jurassic 5 from my hometown of LA.  ...And if you didn't already know, Jurassic is in rehearsals AGAIN!

Barcelona (Andyloop, Toti & Maxey Remix) - La Troba Kung Fu                
Pushclown - Matthew Garber
Jurassic 5 Quality Control VS Cous Riddim - DJ Bopgun
Fallout - Hive
Cuica Laranja Azeda - Azymuth
Fuego - Black Sugar
Manana por la Manana (Main Mix) - Oreja
Harlem Funk (Y.O.F's F.U.N.K Remix) - Rick Wade
Fast Parking (Original Mix) - Thermo
Take the Box (Seijis Buggin' Rub) - Amy Winehouse
Peg (Landslide Off-Beat Dub) - Fukutomi Vs. Future Homosapiens
Go Getter Ft. Monique Bingham (Souflower Mix) - Matty
Architect (Feat. Cairo) - Artful
Na Estrada - Wagner Pa

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