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Friday, February 28, 2014

New (and not so new) stuff!!

Los Chicos Altos feat. Palo Q'sea @ Marula Cafe BCN

A few things I wanted to mention:

1. Thursdays in Barcelona are interesting again!
     a. Missy Lys is the spot to start off the night.  In the basement of La Vietnamita (c/ Comerç 17, Barcelona--great food in the Born) is an aperitvo featuring the music of DJ Millie, tasty cocktails and all sorts of treats from the kitchen! Starts up at 20:30 and goes till 22:00.
     b. At 00hr, Professor Angel Sound and DJ Big Lips present their new event called Milkshake (El Latino at Teatre Principal--La Rambla 27, Barcelona.)  It is the place to club on Thursdays. Their old event, Bongo Lounge at La Paloma, is still spoken of in legendary terms.
     c. LIVE SHOW with Los Chicos Altos feat. Palo Q'sea this Thursday in Barcelona!  We will open up the night for Milkshake Thursday March 6 and later I will play a DJ set.  There are other surprises in store that night as well...

2. Something Else! Radio has returned!  Join me on my adventures trawling through my music collection at the top of this page or on Play.Fm.

3. I am writing music reviews for some great music blogs!
    a. is run by DJ, promoter and producer Atnarko
    b. You And The is the brainchild of DJ, producer and all-around great guy Sumsuch
I'm honored to be featured by these sites!

4. Don't forget to reguarly check out my "normal" (i.e., non-radio) mixsets and productions! Easy access for DJ sets and tracks.  

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