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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zen Gardening (Something Else! for 3-10-14)

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Something Else! Intro - Dj T-Bird
These Seven - Kbit
Cavalier - Cuetec
Andre Leon Talley (Original 12 Mix) - Company Freak
C5 (Patchen's Yellow Fever Mix) - jdn
Love Glow - Luka feat Alison Crockett
LovestepTheme (Bass House Mix) - Daz-I-Kue
Happy - Speedometer
Misterioso (Featuring Giovanni Hidalgo & Jane Bunnett) - The Heavyweights Brass Band
Overseas call - Paul Mauriat Plus
Street Life (Moog & Scratch edit by Synapson) - The Crusaders
Nómada (Low Pressure Remix) - Indee Styla
Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto) - Tangerine Dream

When I was a kid one of the things I wanted to be was an astronaut.  I've always loved traveling and space has always been something that fascinated me, so I'm a sucker for tracks like Kbit's "These Seven" which uses bits from announcements about early space programs and even mentions one John H. GlennCuetec is someone I discovered because of Soundcloud.  He's from Berlin and often puts a nice sheen or gloss onto his tracks.  I almost don't want to know more about his production techniques because I'm a little afraid it would wreck my appreciation of what he does--it seems simple but beautiful.  I need to do my research on the namesake of "Andre Leon Talley," but it's a fun, retro-disco vibe that is a lot better done than a lot of tracks in this vibe right now.  There are lots of great remixes on this EP from Company Freak and I definitely plan to play more of them! "C5 (Patchen's Yellow Fever Mix)" by jdn is only one of several lovely tracks from their Night EP on Harmonious Discord--expect to hear more in the coming weeks.  South Africa is getting a reputation for making some great deep house and Luka is definitely part of that.  His Love Glow EP with US vocalist extraordinaire Alison Crockett is amazing, with the original version featured here and remixes by From P60 and sonic viking (conquering all in his path) Opolopo.  One of the main parts of the Bugz In the Attic/West-London sound is Daz-I-Kue who now calls Atlanta, Georgia home.  As a forbear of the music now called "bass" he's schooling the dubstep kids about the sound.  Pharrell Williams is indisputably a veteran hit songwriter/producer.  One of his more recent tunes of note is "Happy" which is featured in the movie Despicable Me 2 and is also on Mr. Williams' new album, Girl.  It has been so catchy that Freestyle Records' UK jazz/funk outfit Speedometer did a work-up of the tune.  Toronto's Heavyweights Brass Band takes the group outside the usual bounds of music for a group of this type with "Mysterioso"--a bit more of an afro-latin theme than the usual funking up of old standards or rock tunes (on album Brasstronomical, they also cover fellow Toronto band Rush's ode to their local airport, "YYZ.")  Frenchman Paul Mauriat Plus' "Overseas Call" sounds very much like a late 70s NYC session.  ...Because it is.  Many of the usual suspects of that time, Will Lee (bass,) Mike & Randy Brecker (sax & trumpet,) John Faddis (trumpet,) John Tropea (guitar) and even vocalist Gwen Guthrie are on the album.  "Street Life (Moog & Scratch edit by Synapson)" by The Crusaders is from the other coast (i.e., Los Angeles) but refreaked into something a bit more DJ-friendly (time-corrected & much shorter--the original version is over 11 minutes long.)  "Nómada (Low Pressure Remix)" by Indee Styla is Barcelona music with a Danish touch for the remix and the show wraps up with Berliner impressions of Japan, Tangerine Dream's "Zen Garden (Ryoanji Temple Kyoto.)"  While I'm not planning to be an astronaut any longer, I certainly travel enough with the sound palette...

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