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Sunday, January 18, 2015

SPOTIFY!! (I'm trying not to hate...)

So I finally sort of gave in late last year and created a Spotify account...

Initially I posted a playlist of jazz for a friend that I thought she might appreciate.  Jazz 4 Zsofi is for people who have had bad experiences with jazz but are willing to give it another shot...

I just receently posted another that started out as a CD compilation for another, younger (i.e., teen-aged) friend.  As a "card carrying O.G." when it comes to music these days, I would rather educate than complain about ignorance.  Curmudgeon is a cute word, but I'd rather not be one when I can help it...

So, I've compiled the first in a series called Music Everyone Should Know.  I'm not starting out with "the most important" tunes, just some important tunes.  As such, other music fiends will see huge holes in this list.  Feel free to comment and school me!

Next up on my "to-do list" -- get back to doing some radio shows!  Until I get my act together, please try to enjoy these bits.

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