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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Area Codes, DJ Legends, Tall Guys & Breaking Sundays!

Dos Trece Brunch again!  c/ Carme 40 (at Dr. Dou) in the Raval -- 5 min walk off Barcelona's Ramblas.  Great food & drink--I go there sometimes even when I'm not working!  If you can't make it, you can listen live here: (1pm-5pm UTC+1) 

A few hours after my session at Dos Trece, I'll be headed to another place I go when I'm not working--GuzzoLondon Connection features one of my DJ heroes, Patrick Forge (Cosmic Jam/Da Lata,) will be laying down sounds along with local talent, DJ Millie, Le Marquis & Fred Guzzo.  BONUS: 10pm LIVE acoustic set by Zoé Renié Harris.  Plaza Comercial, 10, 08003 Barcelona 9pm - 3.30am FREE ENTRY.

The next day, I will be performing in Sitges for Breaking Sundays at La Cava Club.  Electric Blue (bassist Juanlu of Calima/Ojos de Brujo and vocalist Ramon Mirabet) have invited me to DJ with them for their weekly jam session.  Lately, there have been percussionists, guitarists & other musicians sitting in to bring more flavor to the stew...  Carrer Àngel Vidal 17-23, Sitges Sunday 9pm - 11:30pm -- Free Entry.

Finally, some new music from Los Chicos Altos ("The Tall Guys" for the non-Spanish speakers.)  Maxey has been busy down in Peru conjuring magical sounds along with local talent.  Hear for yourself! Festejo Dubs vol. 3: Cusco Special. Andean flutes vs. house beats!

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