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Friday, April 10, 2015

The hits keep coming...

I want to make it clear I am NOT complaining!  ...But I've got another whopper weekend coming up...

As I do normally, I'm at Dos Trece for the Brunch Sessions this Saturday (if you haven't tried the food there, you're missing out!)  That will be from 1pm-5pm.  If you can't make it, listen live here:

Later on, I'm going to check out my Sitges homie, Tom Warburton's new live project TKWJR & Lion Sound at Absenta del Raval!  I saw their first gig at La Cava Club in Sitges and it will be interesting to see how they've tweaked the show for the big city...
TKWJR - Production
ANDREW LEEK - Programming & projections

After that I'm headed down the street for the inaugural gig of DJ AndyLoop's Bombo Club in Barcelona!  He's had many successful nights in Vienna with Bombo Club and now he's letting Barcelona in on the fun.  The venue is Barts in Parallel.  Highly recommended--I've had a great time at every gig I've gone to in that venue.

I may finally make it to Barcelona's daytime electronic event this Sunday, Brunch Electronik!  If I go, I will be with friends Marina & Dima Studitsky.  They are both super-nice people and quite funny.  Moodymann & the Discos Paradiso DJs are playing, plus Jacques Greene (who Dima is looking forward to hearing.)

....But to wrap up the weekend, I'll be returning to Breaking Sundays at La Cava Club in Sitges again this week!

For the observant among you, I have not changed my name to "DJ Loopnavarro" - I'm filling in for him.  Not sure that we'll have the guest star-power of last week, but who knows?

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