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Thursday, May 21, 2015

You Ain't Hip! (Tunes, gigs & stuff...)


As some of you know, I've been playing sessions at Dos Trece Restaurant & Bar in Barcelona's Raval neighborhood.  I'm back there this weekend for a Brunch Session 13hr-17hr (last time I did a Saturday night.)  Great food & drink + decent music... 

You're probably also aware that I make, edit and otherwise tweak music... Above is a newly re-tweaked piece of music.  I'd worked on this before, but after some comments and playing it out on gigs I went back and made some more tweaks: EQ, mixing, mastering and such...

Contemplation #2 by T-Bird on Mixcloud

C/ Reina 16, Madrid by T-Bird on Mixcloud

Macarena Mix Partt 1 by T-Bird on Mixcloud

Not one or two, but three mixes to share from Mixcloud! 

The first is the 2nd part of a mix I did for photographer Jutta Pfannenschmidt.  She had a showing of her work in Barcelona (Part 1) and then moved the show to Madrid.  This show is about everyday beauty we miss purely because we are in a hurry and don't spend enough time actually noticing our environment and is called "¡No corras contemporáneo, contempla!"

The second mix is for a bar that I visited the last time I was in Madrid.  I think that it is important not only to play good music, but to play music that sounds good in the space you're playing.  With that in mind, I made this mix of music I though would sound good in Bar Cock.  It's an old-fashioned, classy bar near Gran Via.

The third mix is another "partial set."  It is a recreation of the first part of the set I played in Macarena MicroClub in Barcelona.  It's not 100% faithful as I have swapped out at least one track, let's say it's 95% faithful...  I will be back there Friday 29 May with Teysel for an EUN Records  label showcase featuring Prompter from Germany.  More info can be found on Facebook and Resident Advisor.

Now you are clued-in and fully hip, daddy/mommy-o!

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