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Friday, September 25, 2015

Black Feeling 3 -- Feeling Good!!

So the other day I did a DJ mix as promotion for a compilation on Freestyle Records that I'm excited about, Black Feeling Vol. 3.  It's out now, so go buy it!

If you know the Australian group The Bamboos, you're gonna love it--Lance Ferguson (aka Lanu) is behind it and it's up to his usual quality (i.e., excellent!)  As it's the third in the series, I thought it would be good to get people interested in the other two volumes as well, so the mix draws from all three of them.

Listen below, share freely and then buy the music!  JunoDownload even made a list of the tunes I played on the mix so you can buy all of them and know which album they are from.

Black Feeling 3 Mix by T-Bird by Freestyle Records on Mixcloud

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