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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Aural Voyages...

A while ago I was at someone's home and heard a mix of hiphop, latin and some other music that had a New York vibe to me.  As it turns out, the music was from the soundtrack to the film Chef, which takes place not in NYC, but Los Angeles, Miami and along the road connecting the two cities (notable stop in New Orleans.)  An explanation of why I sensed New York when I heard the music might be that the film's star & producer, Jon Favreau, is from Flushing, Queens (NYC.)   Anyway, I was determined to make a mix that captured at least part of the New York "vibe" I heard. This mix is a bit more DJ-oriented than the music from the film, but I think that's it is no less NYC.
This mix is the first of a series of city-themed mixes.

I'll be getting some inspiration soon from my upcoming trip to Switzerland. Thursday, 4 February I return to the first venue I ever played in Switzerland, Biel/Bienne's Pooc.  Friday the 5th I play my second Swiss venue, Grenzwert in Basel.  My debut at Cafe Singer is Saturday (February 6) and I'm really looking forward to it!

By the way, I saw the film and recommend it.  It's good experience of two of my favorite things, food & music!

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