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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


I was updating my "signature" on my email and realized that some of this info may not be available anywhere else, so it seemed appropriate to put it here.  Also a good way of realizing how much I/we (Los Chicos Altos) have done.  Besides, I haven't posted in a dog's year and it was a good excuse to change that. :)


Radio: Barcelona City Fm (107.3 in the city) 3 times a week!
Wednesday Live 16-18h, Friday Something Else! Radio 15-17h & Saturday Vibe Select Barcelona (along with R.D.) 17-19h (all times GMT+1)

Los Chicos Altos music Out Now! (Bandcamp, JunoDownload, Beatport, iTunes, etc.)

Wonderwheel Recordings: "Santero (Los Chicos Altos Club Mix)" from Santero Remixes by Novalima; "F.M. (Frequencia Modulada)" feat. Wagner Pa from Turntables on Ipanema; "Palenque Barcelona" by Los Chicos Altos vs Palo Q'Sea from Turntables On Las Ramblas; "Kumatilanye (Los Chicos Altos Remix feat. Andyloop & Voodoofunk)" by LumbalĂș from Wonderwheel Spins 2012; Hotel BCN (DJ Andyloop & Los Chicos Altos Remix) from Karimba Diabolic Remixes by Novalima; "Huella (Los Chicos Altos Remix)" by Tremor

Fort Knox Recordings: "Cool Breeze (Los Chicos Altos Remix)" from I Love You Madly Remixed Volume One by Black Masala; "I Wish (Los Chicos Altos Remix)" from Rock Steady Remixed EP by Nappy Riddem; "Bhangra V (Los Chicos Altos Remix)" from Black Masala - The Remixes by Black Masala

Katakana Edits: "That's Alright" by LCA & Voodoocuts from Katakana Edits Vol 42

Timewarp Greece: "Get Ur Blings On" feat Toppa Bling by Los Chicos Altos from Lime Sorbet Vol 4 (Selected By Quincy Jointz); "Bodyline (Los Chicos Altos remix)" by Quincy Jointz from Jointz Venture Remixed Vol 2

Dirty Dubsters: "Club Apolo feat Los Chicos Altos" & "Get Ur Blings On" feat Los Chicos Altos (Bleepolar remix) by Toppa Bling from Straight Representing

UrbanWorld Records: El Diablo Alegre EP, Se Va Mamba EP, Pa'lante EP, Global Bass Vol. 3

Spring Strut Recordings: Latin Flavored Fire featuring Los Chicos Altos

T-Bird Music Online:
Los Chicos Altos Music Online:

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