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Saturday, October 16, 2021

It's that time again...

 3rd Saturday of the month = Vibe Select on Radio Friendly BCN. As usual, R.D. has cooked up a great selection of RnB/Hiphop/Soul for a two-hour groove from 20-22hCET/11am-1pmPDT.

This coming Monday, 18 October, I'll be doing a live turntable session on "The Sauce" - our show for Dublab Barcelona - 17-18hCET/8-9amPDT

As always, if you don't catch these shows live, you can listen via Vibe Select's Mixcloud page.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New Laboratori + Equilibrium Fest Set!

Just a reminder that there's a few new radio shows (Laboratori Fridays 22hCET/1pmPDT on Quaratini FM Sitges) that have been archived on my Mixcloud. You can also easily listen to them on the player above (newest to oldest.) Lots of new music in the most recent episodes. Featured music by Kosmo Sound, Empresarios, More Ghost Than Man, Lamar Williams Jr, Timo Lassy, Trog’low, Burdy, Gang Starr, CuttyRanks, Richard Dorfmeister, DAVID ORNETTE CHERRY ORGANIC ROOTS, Eddie Roberts, Loelash, Palmaria, Yellowjackets, OPOLOPO, Ancient Astronauts, Sheila Ford, Reelsoul, DJ Spen, Eric Martin, Zach Fields, London Afrobeat Collective, Krywald & Farrer, Aroop Roy, Ancient Astronauts, DUNKELBLAU, Dennis Bovell meets Dubblestandart, Kit Sebastian, Let Your Hair Down, Danika Smith, The Grease Traps, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Block & Crown, many more and a mini-tribute to Stevie Wonder with Count Basic "Until You Come Back to Me",  Norman Brown's "Too High" and India Arie with "Wonderful."

I'm also happy to mention a mix I did reconstructing a set I did a few weeks ago for an event in Sitges that was quite fun, the Equilibrium Fest 2021. You can find the mix here: Equilibrium Festival Sitges 2021

Friday, September 10, 2021

Radio tonight + archives from last night's livestream

As usual on Friday nights, there's a new "Laboratori" on Quarantini FM 22hCET/1pmPDT. Lots of new music: Adeline, Burdy/KNOWONE, Sharif feat Neto Peña, Demetrius Rhymes feat. Awon & Crl Crrll,
More Ghost Than Man, Richie Phoe/RCola feat. Dangerman, Jaguar Skills & Omar, Mister T., Martin Nonstatic, Timo Lassy, Halfway Kid, Holmes Ives/Honest Lee ft. Mete Tasin, Duke Hugh & André Espeut, Dubble D (aka Moodymanc), D_pr, Shur-I-Kan, Tovi Sound System, JCLD, Glamour Hammer/Joos (CH), Bremark, DJ Vartan & Techcrasher.

Above archived sessions from last night on Mixcloud! Many thanks to Nomada Beach Club and everyone who came out or listened online.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Nómada Beach Sessions!


Our friends at Nomada Beach Club have invited me to play there the last few years. This year has been a bit interesting due to the GLOBAL PANDEMIC but as much as possible, they have provided a haven for those needing a bit of good vibes, food, drink & music in El Garraf (the coolest comarca around! #HomeTeamPride) Anyway, I'll be there this Thursday and I am to livestream the session, so head over to my Mixcloud page starting at 19hCET/10amPDT. Should be happening till 12:30amCET/3:30pmPDT.

Below is the last session I livestreamed from there.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Some updates...


Inspired by #ActualRafiq and his session on #Omakase (#MaggieMoon's show on #Twitch) I made a Linktree! Rafiq's set was #LiquidDnB - smooth, musical stuff. He makes & releases music, too so give him a look & listen...
#FortKnoxRecordings crew reached out for a guest mix--we were honored! We hope you and your world feel funked! #FunkTheWorld #DjMix #WorldMusic #Funk Premier on #MagneticMagazine:…

Saturday, January 30, 2021

That George Benson gig...

We've all been locked down (except for New Zealand--good on yous!) and trolling through our online worlds, right? Well, my wife managed to find a GEM online... That time I played after the legend that is George Benson! It was here in Sitges at the Jardins Terramar Festival, thanks to some lovely people who are also fans, Oriol Borràs of Plan B & Carles Gilibets director of the festival. This clip shows me playing, but you won't really hear any of my session, unfortunately. There's plenty of other great sessions waiting for you at
Mostly it's just "proof" that I played... I cued it up to the part with me, so I show up for about a second right when you hit "play."

Saturday, May 9, 2020

10 Record Challenge! (Pt. 2)

6/10: My 1st fusion album. Was huge Zep fan. Older step-brother mentioned Beck. Raided his LPs when he was away. Just found out this was #Top10Album in 1974! #Listen2TheElders #InfluentialAlbums #JeffBeck

7/10: Music bible 7 volumes deep. #AcidJazz #TripHop #JazzHop #UkSoul #DnB #Dub #RareGroove #BrokenBeat #Techno #DeepHouse #WorldMusic #GlobalBeats my interest either started or deepened due to these #Compilations #InfluentialAlbums

8/10: More elder pilferage. 1st exposure to #JacoPastorius & #WayneShorter (no idea he'd been legend since 60s.) #JoeZawinul's use of #Rhodes #Arp2600 + #Oberheim still amazes me. #JazzFusion #InfluentialAlbums #WeatherReport

9/10: Started w #Autobahn, but this always meant more. Saw 81 USA tour, remember #PocketCalculator on radio. Thought #PlanetRock was remix of Numbers. Remixed @MatadorSoul #MatadorSoulSounds cover of Computer Love last year. #RipFlorianSchneider #InfluentialAlbums #Kraftwerk

10/10: 2fer! Can't separate - #BrianEno & #DavidByrne on both & released months apart. Unwitting intro to #KingSunnyAde (thanks Lorin Roser!) Always loved the way "Help Me Somebody" revealed musicality of black preachers. #InfluentialAlbums #TalkingHeads