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Saturday, January 30, 2021

That George Benson gig...

We've all been locked down (except for New Zealand--good on yous!) and trolling through our online worlds, right? Well, my wife managed to find a GEM online... That time I played after the legend that is George Benson! It was here in Sitges at the Jardins Terramar Festival, thanks to some lovely people who are also fans, Oriol BorrĂ s of Plan B & Carles Gilibets director of the festival. This clip shows me playing, but you won't really hear any of my session, unfortunately. There's plenty of other great sessions waiting for you at
Mostly it's just "proof" that I played... I cued it up to the part with me, so I show up for about a second right when you hit "play."

Saturday, May 9, 2020

10 Record Challenge! (Pt. 2)

6/10: My 1st fusion album. Was huge Zep fan. Older step-brother mentioned Beck. Raided his LPs when he was away. Just found out this was #Top10Album in 1974! #Listen2TheElders #InfluentialAlbums #JeffBeck

7/10: Music bible 7 volumes deep. #AcidJazz #TripHop #JazzHop #UkSoul #DnB #Dub #RareGroove #BrokenBeat #Techno #DeepHouse #WorldMusic #GlobalBeats my interest either started or deepened due to these #Compilations #InfluentialAlbums

8/10: More elder pilferage. 1st exposure to #JacoPastorius & #WayneShorter (no idea he'd been legend since 60s.) #JoeZawinul's use of #Rhodes #Arp2600 + #Oberheim still amazes me. #JazzFusion #InfluentialAlbums #WeatherReport

9/10: Started w #Autobahn, but this always meant more. Saw 81 USA tour, remember #PocketCalculator on radio. Thought #PlanetRock was remix of Numbers. Remixed @MatadorSoul #MatadorSoulSounds cover of Computer Love last year. #RipFlorianSchneider #InfluentialAlbums #Kraftwerk

10/10: 2fer! Can't separate - #BrianEno & #DavidByrne on both & released months apart. Unwitting intro to #KingSunnyAde (thanks Lorin Roser!) Always loved the way "Help Me Somebody" revealed musicality of black preachers. #InfluentialAlbums #TalkingHeads

Sunday, May 3, 2020

10 Record Challenge! (Pt. 1)

Got challenged to post 10 records that have influenced my musical taste - one record a day for 10 days. No explanation, no review, just the cover. Well... Can't let it go without explanation, so I'll just try to keep it brief.

We'll start out with an acknowledged master. This is a record that I have been trying to figure out how to recreate in some way or another for most of my life. Tunes, performance & production are all solid.

2 of 10: Teen me listened daily for a month before I “got it.” It’s a challenge & I can’t promise you’d like it—but for some it‘s beautiful. Opened my mind. #InfluentialAlbums #FreeJazz #JohnColtrane

3/10: Best writer from NWA w/#BombSquad + #LenchMob. Extremely visceral music for VERY select audience. Crazy artwork, too. #LAhiphop #GFunk classic #InfluentialAlbums #IceCube

4/10: Heard this in Wherehouse #BaldwinHills & thought "WTF is THAT?!" Obvious talent + use of all available tech for bleeding-edge #Soul. 93/94 B4 #DAngelo #ErykahBadu #LaurynHill or #Maxwell! 2 many don't know it, maybe it's #BlackFamous? #InfluentialAlbums #MeshellNdegeOcello

5/10: Lil' sis gets her due, #MinneapolisSound no longer just #Prince. #JimmyJam #TerryLewis now household names. MJ gets rocked (listen 2 "Bad") Evry1 forgets this is her 3rd album. Wicked #GrammyPerformance: #InfluentialAlbums #JanetJackson

Thursday, February 6, 2020

New stuff in 2020!

Click Here for a video w/T-Bird & Funk D'Void at Garage 442

Gigs coming up:

Saturdays 23:30-2h in the bar at Artte (weekly in February)
Saturday 23-3h 15 February Vibe Select presents Drematic XL at Garage 442

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Videos of Something Else! at Radio C/C

Radio C/C is the new home for Something Else! One of the cool things about the new venue is the DJ equipment so I can do proper DJ sets or invite guests to do the same and another is video capability!

Sonar Week Session pt 1

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Playing for Todd Terry... ...via contest... + Gig in BCN!

Todd Terry
. Proper legend, mostly in the House Music world, but not exclusively. Folks from NYC seem to be more complex, fortunately. Anyway, outside of fans of House his probably most known work is a remix he did for Everything But The Girl (legends of their own, but we're not getting into that today) and their massive hit "Missing" (click title for original version.) Below is what Mr Terry did that made this ETBG's first hit...

He's hosting a contest on Mixcloud for those of us who think of ourselves as DJs who play House. I can be a competitive person so it was like a magnet and paperclip... Below is the set I submitted as my entry.  Enjoy and share with friends!

This Thursday (as always for the last few months) I will be doing my show Something Else! on Radio C/C from 20-22h UTC+1. At the top of this page you can hear some archived shows in the player. After the radio, I have a gig in the center of the city! First there will be a Hiphop/Jazz session at Barcelona's new venue Candy (c/ Escudellers, 5 Barcelona) with Blu Rum 13 featuring Ray Colom and then I go on to transition into Bunzu's Afro House sound provided by Bruno M &a Dr Moods. It should be a lot of fun--see you there!

Friday, May 18, 2018

New Video, FINALLY!

So... I've been doing radio at a new spot for the last few months. Still in Poble Nou, but a different setup--more DJ-oriented. Something Else! Radio is now Thursdays 8-10pm on Last Saturday we were part of Poble Nou's "Open Day" and provided music at Espacio 88 from 10am til 10pm featuring many of the DJ from the station. I was asked to play 5pm til 6pm after Guille de Juan (Playtime) and before Big Mic (WOKSESSIONSNDS)

I'm still eclectic as ever...

Thanks to Benji & Victor for video and audio respectively.